Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete Mutant ESCape

Mutant ESCape

Mutant ESCape. Huh? It’s another gorgeous Thursday evening, December 14th, the year 2017 almost at its finale. We weary and overworked small business owners and Entrepreneurs, gather here, once again at our HQ, the historic DTSP wedding venue and event space NOVA 535. This is our ritual, the night we recharge, blow of steam, vent, laugh, cry and share our tales of success and failures. Gathering again for our weekly ESC meeting of biz dev (business development for those not in the know) networking and schmoozing. ESC is quick speak for Entrepreneur Social Club ™. ESC can also be short code for ESCape. Analog or Digital ESCape. Like that necessary evil of a button on the top left of your keyboard. The one we pound on often to stop an impending mistake, or to return us back to where we started.

A mini rebook almost, a recharge, a rebeginning… like our club, where we can show up and spend time and energy with those like us: like-minded “unique” people, designers, visionaries, leaders, creators, “crack-pots”, inventors, coders, dreamers, builders. Those who in the comic book universes would be the mutants.  Welcome, once again, to all my fellow mutants. Tonight we’ll dub as a Mutant ESCape!

As the members rolled in a few at a time, which was good as I was playing host AND bartender tonight, my inner smile grew. It always warms my heart when I get to spend time and good energy with my fellow Entrepreneurs! Luckily, my lovely pal Val Ritter decided, after 9 years, to finally join us. So I handed her my Canon 6D (cause she’s a world class photographer) and I was creating martinis. Thanks Val for the fabulous pics! Of course she cannot control who smiles and who blinks in our group photo (just above Eileen here, pictured above in blue sequins dress), we’re talking about you Kym Ottavini, with fellow newcomer Ty Keffalas standing tall in maroon shirt behind. Next to them both is Mike Serwer  with The Anderson Group, welcome back Mike! Also in blink mode is Brent Lhuillier, our resident landscape designer.

My fellow #Globetrotter #WorldTraveler Val Ritter of Vr Vision Photography was taking photos today, so this hilarious one of Riley above was fun to discover… and speaking of hilarious, our organic facials queen Julia Maria smiles below while showing off her newest business card. Nice improvement Julia!

With their backs to us, left to right, is my upcoming book The NOVA Way editor Keith Long, then father and daughter combo Sean Mulligan and Reilly Mulligan of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts. Greg Simmons founder of Web Edge Digital Marketing, then julia with the pink hair, then John Pereira of Imperio Real Estate and finally, with hair of silver – Gandalf style, is tech guru Chris Jenkins.

Below Eileen and bearded newcomer Martin de Bruin Tampa Bay Aviation reviewing my first draft new card, while fellow newcomer Kym A. Ottaviani of RexRentals.com watches. Welcome!

Entrepreneur Social Club at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete with Mutant ESCape

Makeup master and soon to be first time mommy is Corine Potter of CorineCosmetics.com next to event planner Ally Sun, examining card, while superwoman Kym Jenkins looks on.

Other ESC members in the house tonight were Michael O’ Rourke, founder of Pocket Network, Mark Andrews of Ubiquiti and Brent Lhuillier  who is looking to invest around $100K into the right fit opportunity for himself. My good friends and superstars hubby and wife Chris Jenkins and Kym JenkinsKathi Harris our favorite “Hat Lady”, she’s the fabulous founder of Hat-a-Tude.com and Roger Curlin founder of ClubSavor.com. The best $29.95 / month you can spend.

** NOTE ** Next Thursday December 28, 2017 we host our annual ESC Holiday Party Nova Noel 10, join us!

Nova Noel 10

A quick peek into the not so distant future… our after party tonight was at our new favorite, the swanky bar lounge Room 901, located at 901 1st Avenue South, St. Pete, Fl 33705


“I’m You when you can’t be” consultant Nick Mazeika sitting at the head of our table, next to his lovely wife Laurie, (yellow pants), then Claudio Ceron to her right and Mr. Nutrition Greg Simek in black and grey. Next is newcomer Kym A. Ottaviani then Ty Keffalas and our returning champ Eileen Brauch of Hollywood Magazine, and finally me, smiling with hands out (blue and white striped shirt) ESC founder Michael S. Novilla. To Nick’s left is Doug Saylor in dark blue and Bill Tarleton, smiling with hand folded, Brent and then Mike (wearing hat), Kathi and Simmy.  Behind Bill are newcomers Paul Constantino an IT consultant of PTC.Enterprises who helps companies going from paper to electronic. Jolie Brown (hair in bun blue jacket) a student who loves pediatric oncology, and our fav vegan Chef Ray Milton of RaysVeganSoul.com doing his infamous “Cover my face during photos’ move.

2017 12-14 Michael S Novilla new business cards design round one

I asked for feedback on my first draft of a new biz card for myself Michael S Novilla.com: the huge .COM overwhelms the message; keep simple, thick card, thick and elegant, clean, 10# print, deep charcoal with white accents.   Should I have a picture of myself on my card? Y or N? We took a vote and most said yes, and to keep consistent photo for card and my new book The NOVA Way, plus shorten my tag to just  “Connecting Entrepreneurs.” Thanks!

Dinner at Hawkers Asian Street Fare located at 1235 Central Avenue, Downtown St. Pete. Call 727-521-7253 for more info!

Tonight I asked the group, “What are you are struggling with?”

Chris Jenkins = Accounts Receivable.

Corrine = Getting paid at end of event with paper check; if film industry they have up to 90 days. Need a written contract late fee. Offer discount to pay early vs chasing $$ later. Larger the company, the slower they are.

Greg Simec – small office party suggestions? what can I do for my 12 employees to show them that I care… have a bunch of single parents, secret santa.

Someone = Lost a key person due to death, a handyman. We suggested maybe working with P-Tech to create a mentoring program to help find new “handymen.”

Claudio –  different types of procrastination, Call Reluctance. Nick says just schedule a time to make calls.  Pomodoro is 25 minutes of work then 5 min of break.

Michael S Novilla (me!) build a great team and relationships, and leverage them by them doing what they love. And if you leave a review less than 5 star leave the reason why… look at YOUR reviews as a consumer (not as an owner). Below are all the photos from tonight! Hope you enjoyed some Mutant ESCApe!