December brings Art Basel Miami Beach

You might not think of artists as Entrepreneurs, but they, we, most certainly are. We create, we design, we build, we have vision(s) and occasionally turn those visions into realities. Almost more importantly we are NOT afraid to fail. To make mistakes. To F-up. To be laughed at, ridiculed, humiliated. Because we KNOW we have something UNIQUE, something special, we just might not be able to translate whatever-the-heck-that-is into reality. More so not into a reality that enough other people are willing to pay for, and that’s the rubb.


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I Love Downtown Saint Pete

I Love Downtown Saint Pete, St. Pete, DTSP.

I really really love living, working and playing here in downtown St. Pete, Florida. Why? Is it because I was born and raised here? Is it because I’ve traveled to over 35 countries on 5 continents and have a global perspective as to what truly makes up a great city? What makes up a wonderful living experience? Certainly some of both.

(NOTE = Since first publishing this blog, we’ve updated our name from I Love DTSP to Logo


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