The Mission of the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] is to provide a FUN and PRODUCTIVE connection for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Since Entrepreneurs are the risk-takers and producers, the creators and doers, we must work together, using continuous improvement to create a better, happier, healthier, safer, and more profitable and enjoyable world. Our mission is to connect the world’s Entrepreneurs, into one productive family, that offers our world the solutions our species needs to prosper, and live in peace.

We don’t allow religion, politics, liars, bullies, thieves, and racists.

Entrepreneur Social Club (tm) the "ESC" meets every Thursday Night, 6pm - 8 pm, most always at historic venue NOVA 535.

The ESC is a growing group of businesses and people, with thousands of members worldwide.  A place where deals are made, and real value created, not just a lot of yapping and wishful thinking. Come see why, since 2009, we are Tampa Bay’s favorite social club for business development, networking, and FUN!

Attend the Entrepreneur Social Club regularly, listen, and implement the changes we suggest, and you will:

  1. Master your 30-Second Pitch.
  2. Have a business card and digital presence that is attractive, clear, legible, and describes exactly what you do.
  3. Understand how powerful Word of Mouth is.
  4. Clearly describe your vs. your client’s expectations, and how to fulfill them both properly.
  5. See how you are in your own way and how to fix that.
  6. Understand of the advantages of buying local.
  7. Collaborate with interesting business owners, Entrepreneurs and Creative People, creating a strong network, allowing you to increase your sales revenues while lowering your costs.
  8. Stay up to date with important trends, technologies and best practices.
  9. Have an incredible amount of fun, and make wonderful new friends and business associates.