July 30 2015 Entrepreneur Social Club at NOVA 535 and downtown St. Pete

Why Orange you here with us enjoying the Entrepreneur Social Club

If I had to describe this week’s, July 30th, 2015, Entrepreneur Social Club, aka ESC, in one catchy phrase, it’d be: Why Orange you here with us enjoying the Entrepreneur Social Club?! Huh? The citrus reference will make sense soon enough! Remember that the ESC is our weekly get together, our ever growing family of business owners, students, start-ups, rich and powerful mentors, designers, inventors and Entrepreneurs representing of every industry and corner of the globe. At time where we let off some steam and spend it helping each other. Last night was another fabulous continuation of this, since I founded officially the ESC back in January 2009. It’s most always held at historic venue NOVA 535, though occasionally we are offsite because NOVA is rented for a private event. – ya know – paying down the mortgage, one 5 star event at a time!

2015 07-30 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-3 (more…)

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6 Websites Every Tampa Bay Entrepreneur Should Bookmark

Something new is popping up on the Internet every day. Whether it’s a tool or an app or a breakthrough in technology, there’s never a dull moment online. Modern entrepreneurs have to stay on their toes and remain fluid in their business ideologies in order to keep up with the ever-changing digital space. Most small business owners and operators have a few go-to websites that allow them to stay privy to industry news and trends, but modern self-starting entrepreneurs need to stop thinking of themselves as an entity separated from his or her ideas. Your ideas created your business. Your ideas run your business. You are your ideas. Therefore, you are your business.


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