March 16 2017 the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic venue NOVA 535 then further into Downtown St. Pete aka DTSP for dinner at Oyster Bar

Entrepreneurial Magic

It’s another beautiful Thursday night, March 16, 2017, here in lovely downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, what we locals call DTSP. We’re gathering at our gorgeous, historic HQ, St. Pete’s 5-Star wedding and event venue NOVA 535. Where our weekly ritual has taken place since 2009, when the Entrepreneur Social Club, aka ESC, was founded. And Trademarked. So if you are considering creating a social club for Entrepreneurs, be original and find your own name. Dorks!! (Side rant.) Anywho, here we gather to laugh and cry, to share our successes and failures. Plus we enjoy some cocktails from our lovely master bartender Vanessa, and get in some good ol’ fashion networking. When the timing is just right, we enjoy some Entrepreneurial Magic.


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