Alaskian Railroad from Anchorage to Whittier

Glaciers, Grizzlies and Gold – Welcome to Alaska

MONDAY – TUESDAY  JUNE 23 -24  2014:  Anchorage

About 24 hours ago I decided to leave Calgary, parting from my best pal Drew Edwards as he made his way southwest to Bellingham to spend time with his brother Frank.  Uncle Frank, now that’s another story for another day. Ask me sometimes about R-9 scallops and Grande Marnier at 11 am in Whistler…..   Anyhoo, my path leads me northwest, heading further into the wild tundra called Alaska. The Sled Island Festival, held every June in Calgary, just wrapped for 2014, so now it’s time to ramble on.   [Check out my blog about Calgary’s Sled Island Festival 2014]

Alyeska Bear attack on Michael

So Welcome to Alaska. It’s cold, there are bears, gold and glaciers. That’s about all I know, except this will be the just the kind of adventure I’ve been yearning for. So after a good “night’s” rest at a delightful B n B out on Goose Lake, owned by an equally delightful Susan. There are really nice people renting out their homes and apartments to be found on AirBnB. (“Night’s” because It’s never really dark here in Alaska during the summers…odd at first but it’s growing on me). So I catch the early morning train towards…


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2014 06-16 Head Art looking up a Bow Tower Calgary

Music, Comedy and Model Milk – Welcome to Calgary’s Sled Island Festival

When my vacation opportunity door opens, I quickly scramble to find somewhere to escape to. Running a 5 Star wedding and event venue, NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, means that every client and guest experience is critical.  Just a bit of pressure. So with only a week or two available to roam, I touch base with my best pal Drew Edwards to collaborate. Drew, among other things, is President of Comedian Ron White’s business empire, and is always up for an adventure. He adds “check out their festivals” to my suggestion of visiting Canada. Stampede, Calgary’s most famous, isn’t until July…so

2014 06-16 Calgary Public Art Chess Master


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