The Assembly Line $00: An Introduction and Tools of the Trade

My cousin Bert Novilla, a fellow Entrepreneur, and Assembly Language Programmer and Commodore computer enthusiast, has published an interesting article about his efforts, obstacles, solutions and personal obsession. Bert begins his article titled “The Assembly Line $00: An Introduction and Tools of the Trade” and continues by saying..

“Well, here we go. This is the first installment of a series focused on learning
to write assembly language programs for the 65x family of processors found in
Commodore computers. I would like to publicly thank Nigel at Commodore Free
for allowing me to share some of my programming knowledge and experience
with you here. My belief is that as the current computer “Renaissance” plays
out it is important to have modern information regarding assembly language
available to all of us. This series of articles is my effort. Thank you, Nigel.”

Bert continues


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