Drew Edwards relaunches Brides Against Breast Cancer logo

Drew Edwards Relaunches Brides Against Breast Cancer

ESC member Drew Edwards Relaunches Brides Against Breast Cancer

My pal Drew Edwards, from way way back at University of Florida days, has relaunched the BABC brand and business, Brides Against Breast Cancer, this time as a Social Enterprise Company.  “Since 1997, over 50,000 affordable dresses have been sold around the country raising millions for breast cancer causes.” Drew and I met back in 1988 when I was an unpolished teen, more focused on drinking, smoking weed and chasing the ladies, vs. studying 2nd order derivatives and business calculus. Unfortunately without a passing grade in Business Calc, there was no upper level classes available to me. So luckily, for so many reasons, I found one of those (literally) old-school 8 1/2″ v 11″ papers, (more…)

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Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize

A table, stretched from end to end of gorgeous venue NOVA 535, is where like-minded entrepreneurs convene each Thursday night in Downtown St. Pete, Florida. At this table is where connections are made, ideas are sparked, businesses expand, and the gears in all of our minds cultivate something beautiful: success. It’s here, at The Entrepreneur Social Club ™ (ESC)  where we produce the next ideas and implement them to help each other grow. These are the entrepreneurs who do more than fantasize. These are the entrepreneurs who actually live their dreams. Thursday, June 30, 2017, ESC Founder, Michael Novilla flew off to his next adventure in South America. That leaves ESC in the hands of myself, Erika Cain, performing artist, speaker, and creative consultant.


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