Michael S Novilla

Michael S Novilla

My Story

Born and raised right here in DTSP, I've been lucky enough to travel the world, 55 countries and counting. While exploring our planet, I've focused on visiting and connecting with the best run venues, hotels, bar, restaurants and markets, and the lessons they've learned along the way. This wisdom has fueled my long-time dream and passion, to build a world-class event venue here in St. Pete. I believe that everyone deserves a 5-Star event, so I created "The NOVA Way", a continuous improvement system the focuses on wowing and delighting our clients and their guests. Our system focuses on saying YES! We are "paranoid" about our performance, so we're always trying to make our guests' experience better, smoother, and more enjoyable. Why? We love watching our clients and their guests enjoying such unique, memorable events! Now over 1,000, 5-Star events later, we're honored to be rated as the best event venue in the region. A big THANK YOU to team NOVA 535 and of course to all of our clients and fans!

NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

At NOVA 535, we love custom creating each wedding, private party, corporate event and film shoot - just the way YOU want - and run them The NOVA Way. That's why our clients adore NOVA and is just one of the many reasons NOVA 535 is the #1 rated venue in Tampa Bay, located in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida (DTSP). After 1,000 successful events, perfected The NOVA Way, trust us with your memories today. PS: Check out my book "Let's Party. Hosting 5-Star Weddings and Events, the NOVA Way" coming in 2018. Go to https://TheNOVAWay.com


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