Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize

A table, stretched from end to end of gorgeous venue NOVA 535, is where like-minded entrepreneurs convene each Thursday night in Downtown St. Pete, Florida. At this table is where connections are made, ideas are sparked, businesses expand, and the gears in all of our minds cultivate something beautiful: success. It’s here, at The Entrepreneur Social Club ™ (ESC)  where we produce the next ideas and implement them to help each other grow. These are the entrepreneurs who do more than fantasize. These are the entrepreneurs who actually live their dreams. Thursday, June 30, 2017, ESC Founder, Michael Novilla flew off to his next adventure in South America. That leaves ESC in the hands of myself, Erika Cain, performing artist, speaker, and creative consultant.

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP

As always, we welcome newcomers. Almost everyone who attends a meeting, quickly learns that ESC is warm and positive. There are only a few rules that include no bullies, thieves, liars, racists, politics or religion. Here’s a special shoutout to our first-timers: Diane Liuex of DLD Color, Carla Fantastic from Carla’s Events and Parties, Aaron who is creating a niche in the marijuana industry, Juan is a recent graduate from USF working in app development, Derek Andrews of Orderly Gentlemen, Mark Andres of Ubiquity, Mentalist Rob Krampus, Glen Bennett of Waterford Document Solutions, Nash Cooper who owns an email clearinghouse company, and finally Cal Tiger from Silicon Beach. (New attendees: without a business card, website, or any link to your business, it’s tough for people to find you. Get an ESC profile!)

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP
Greg Simmons, Carla, Aaron, and Cory Van Valin. Cory must be telling “R” rated jokes again.

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP

How did ESC help newcomers?

Business card review. Members were in agreement that Mark Andrews’ card (Ubiquity Training) needed a verbal explanation to understand what his company actually did. With a few color changes (contrast is key) and an added slogan, Mark will be in good shape!

Derek Andrews produces organic gentlemen’s grooming products, but was lacking the word “organic” anywhere on his card. He offers etiquette teachings on social media, but his channels were left out. That’s important to share as, holy moly take it from me, men nowadays don’t even know to walk on the outside of the sidewalk when with a lady. Shoutout to Derek for making awesome products, but also teaching etiquette. That’s nearly a lost art.

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP
ESC loves meeting new people and hope to see Juan and Dr. Rocco again soon!

We do more than fantasize

Roger Curlin from Club Savor (a local dining club that’s actually worth it) took a moment to thank ESC for providing suggested improvements. Curlin diligently attended meeting after meeting, took advice, and is seeing Club Savor flourish quite nicely. Bravo on hard work and opening your eyes and ears to a little guidance, Roger!  

How ESC was helpful to Club Savor

  • Business Card Improvements
    • Club Savor added what they do on their business cards (see a theme here?) and their Facebook page is now included to showcase colorful photos of the bars and restaurants in their club.
  • Flyer Improvements
    • The magic number is now printed on their flyers with the phrase “It pays for itself in one night out.”
    • Color updates. Contrast is key in printed material.
    • Now includes how to sign up step-by-step. Helpful, easy and straight to the point.

Roger is continuously focused on the business design that focuses on what is actually important to a customer. Such as no auto-charge after the one month trial. With almost 600 members, ESC truly enjoys watching Club Savor grow!

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP
ESC veterans: The lovely Kathi Harris and Mr. Rock and Roll Storyteller Tony Michaelides

Jerry Bohannon, a DTSP socialite, organized a social group called “Less Than 6 Degrees” years ago going off of the concept that we’re all connected within 6 degrees. All he was aiming to do was to connect existing relationships and formed sort of a “Chamber of Commerce” with 6 friends. It’s amazing to connect people, entrepreneurs, and positivity around the world. Awesome concept, Jerry!

Cal Tiger, Cyber Security guru, was celebrating the growth of his small team and now he works with 5 noteworthy individuals in hopes to continue advancing in his industry. You can’t do it alone, keep going, Cal!

Keith Long, Journalist on Call, decided to give LinkedIn “Cold Calling” (messaging) a try. He executed a direct search on LinkedIn in hopes to connect with influencers. A keynote is that the message he sent was not about him, he worded it in a way so that the person reading it would see if Long could actually benefit them (with phrases like “this will interest you”), rather than listing off his credentials. His results? “Tremendous! Zero negative response.” An ABC executive called and they spoke for two hours. Social Media can benefit us all if we choose to utilize it as a positive resource (it’s not there to just post selfies or share untrustworthy news). This is proof that we can access influencers who can make big changes in our lives. Thanks for sharing, Keith!

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP
Keith Long and Cal Tiger

What Are We Reading?

Did you know that by purchasing books from Amazon through ESC’s website, you’re giving back to Entrepreneur Social Club? It’s a win-win for everyone! Here are books we learned about this week:

  • How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct by Greg Gutfeld
  • A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

Interested in podcasts? Give a listen to Kyle Cease: Use Humor to Overcome Fear with Lewis Howes

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP
Dan Novello with Julie from 5dollarfacials.com pitching to newcomer Nash. She’s always got it going on!

That’s a Wrap!

It was a short night for me, as I was headed to my next adventure the following day (it involved a police escort in Daytona for an exciting all-access NASCAR event – but that’s a riot of a story for a different time). I did manage to join the group at Hawkers and snagged myself tofu-lettuce wraps (yum!). The magical Cory Van Valin, sat next to me and wait until you see how he made our server’s night! (Find out more about my alluring alias!)

Entrepreneurs Who Do More Than Fantasize - ESC at NOVA 535 in DTSP

Remember, Entrepreneur Social Club meets weekly in DTSP and almost always at our gorgeous HQ NOVA 535. See you next time!