Roger Curlin III

Roger Curlin III

My Story

I was born in Tampa, Florida and except for a few formative years in Gainesville, Florida, have spent the majority of my life in the Tampa Bay region. I have owned or invested in multiple local businesses, and am extremely excited to be in the restaurant and bar industry again. I love giving back and am always putting energy into civic and charitable causes. I also love meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and helping them in any way I can. Hobbies include reading, writing, playing poker, board games, bowling & billiards, cooking, dining out, the occasional Netflix Binge, and generally trying to make myself smarter.

Club Savor

Club Savor is a new member dining club where members enjoy Half off entrees and alcohol for them AND a guest of dozens of great local restaurants and bars, ALL day, EVERY day. Enjoy More. Explore More. Join hundreds of others in our Club.


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