Drew H. Edwards

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Experience: CEO/CFO/Business Development Executive that consults with early stage/smaller companies in strategy, high finance, structuring, marketing, executive recruiting, initial operational strategy, and ongoing business development.
Primary Industries are High Finance, Entertainment, High Tech, Senior Care, Real Estate.
Goals: Create rapid value and help companies achieve next stage of success by properly interweaving short terms and long term goals.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

We operate as a “social enterprise” company, similar to the brands Tom’s Shoes, Beauty Counter, and Life is Good. We share our profits and promotional resources with our charity partners. We sell nice pre-owned or overstocked wedding dresses that are typically priced from $99 – $999 or up to 85% savings. Dresses that are donated are pre-owned, floor samples, or overstocked dresses.


Business Phone: 404-698-1000

Business Email: info@bridesagainstbreastcancer.com

Website: Link

Facebook: Link