Greg Simek

Greg Simek

Body Nutrition

Body Nutrition was founded to supply the highest quality nutritional supplements to professional, college, Olympic and Armed Forces athletic programs around the world. Whether you belong to a football, basketball, hockey or baseball team, or if you’re a member of the Marine Corps, Army, Navy or Air Force, or if you’re a recreational athlete seeking a nutritional edge, Body Nutrition supplies the highest-quality supplements available.

Body Nutrition produces our products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Lafayette, Louisiana. We believe that in order to ensure the highest quality products, a company must be able to control all aspects of production, from raw material sourcing, to ingredient testing & quality assurance, to blending and filling. By having 360 degree oversight of each production component, Body Nutrition is effectively able to monitor and deliver superior products at great prices.

We do not hide anything behind “proprietary blends,” which are only attempts by companies to conceal the fact that they opt for the cheapest – rather than the most effective – dosage of certain ingredients. We instead choose to freely disclose what and how much is contained within our products. This is what we call “labeling integrity.” We believe that you, the consumer, deserve the right to know these facts.You will also find only the highest-quality and freshest raw ingredients within our products. Our continual investment in equipment infrastructure ensures that the ingredients we use will continue to be the highest quality available on the market.

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