Chef Jason Ruhe

Chef Jason Ruhe

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As the long time owners and inspired minds behind In Bloom Catering, we are thrilled to announce our next creative project-Brick & Mortar. Our new restaurant and wine bar will also be the proud new home of In Bloom Catering. At Brick & Mortar we plan to deliver the same quality, personalized service and attention to detail as we do with In Bloom. In fact, we plan to use the platform we will gain by having a set location (hence the name "Brick & Mortar), to introduce our friends, family and clients to some of our favorite new creations, seasonal offerings and dishes inspired by fresh, local ingredients. We look forward to sharing many meals with you! Cheers! Jason and Hope. For info on In Bloom Catering go to

Brick and Mortar Kitchen

Brick & Mortar is a true food lovers and "cooks" restaurant specializing in rustic yet elegant flavors, food made by hand, unique wines and craft beer, located at 539 Central Avenue, Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.


Business Phone: 727-822-6540

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