Entrepreneur Social Club at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

So Many New Faces

Wow, Time Flies. “Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as “time flies”. The expression comes from line 284 of book 3 of Virgil’s Georgics, where it appears as fugit inreparabile tempus: “it escapes, irretrievable time.” {Wikipedia} It’s almost unbelievable that we are here, in downtown St. Pete, again on Thursday night. It seems like just yesterday, que the music. Here at my historic venue, NOVA 535. Our Entrepreneur Social Club [tm], the ESC, gathers each week, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm for business development, drinks, mentoring, networking, laughter, plus sharing successes, failures and honest feedback. Then we go downtown for dinner and more drinks. Tonight Thursday, October 17, 2019, there are so many new faces to learn, connect with, mentor and enjoy.

So Many New Faces

Pictured below to our left is Vera Anderson, a Legacy Coach and founder of Global Elements Consulting. Next is Erica Forehand, wearing the red polka dot dress, pitching her Solace Sauna Studio. They offer IR Sauna Services, located at 2454 Central Avenue St. Pete. Wearing black is Shaelina Holmes is founder of Shae’s Cafe, a plant based cafe. Chef Shae opened up about 5 years ago, as she loves inspiring family and friends towards eating a more plant based, healthier diet. Because it’s simple, you are what you eat. There is a critical need to educate people and dispel myths about the plant based diet.  Chris Delaney recommends meal prep, which is exactly what Maria Garces was looking for, and what Shae does. BINGO. Wearing the flowered outfit, is our pal Ashley Ritter, who was previously with Brides Against Breast Cancer. BABC is where you can find incredible deals on preowned wedding dresses. Ashley is now with Spring Board Retail, a retail inventory management system. Welcome ladies!

Below is another newcomer, Juan Acevedo, founder of Flippin Rustic. Along with his co-owner and wife Veronica, they make entertainment centers, wine racks, custom cabinetry, plus they are new parents. Congrats!   

Yea, that’s me, Michael Scott Novilla, founder of ESC and our HQ NOVA 535, doing my infamous split. After publishing my hilarious first book, It’s 5 AM Go Home, you’ll see my beautiful bookmarks, created by the fabulous designer Melissa Caban, inserted here and there during my dining adventures. Happily, the ribeye tonight at Sophia’s Cucina was delicious! At some point you’re going to need to know who to throw a great party, wedding or event, and my book teaches you exactly that, while making you laugh, and learn, the whole way through. Sure be a sport and buy a copy, thanks in advance!

Speaking of dinner, it was wonderful to spend time with my good friend and Keep St. Pete Local founder Olga Bof (right side far end) who was celebrating her birthday! Feliz cumpleaños amiga!

Coaches and Mentors Danielle Laura and beau Chris Delaney, share a beautiful moment together. Danielle is smiling even brighter this week, as she’s also a newly published author! Bravo!

Matthew Walker is sharing his PixelStix technology with the SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival, including on the Low Bros mural that will adorn our NOVA 535 north exterior wall next week. We are lucky and honored to have the incredible dou from Germany here in St. Pete! Check out all the new fabulous 2019 murals, and those from before at my St. Pete Mural Tour site. Wearing green is newcomer Dontriel Lawson co-owner of Japosid Cleaning Services. They’ve been in business for almost a decade, offer cleaning services Fl, GA, SC, and 95% of their business is commercial work. They need help with their Brand Strategy, on which story they should be telling. Arlene suggests telling the story that it’s a family biz. Rounding out our foresome is Erica Forehand and Chef Shaelina Holmes.

Below is some of our incredible ESC female Entrepreneurs, including branding expert Arlene Aranzamendez, State Farm Agent Mimi Lange, TV host, producer and so much more, the lovely Nancy Alexander, and pink glittered health coach Julia Marie, who gather to welcome newcomer Gustavo Ramirez of Driven Images.

In the Cheetah print is Danielle, and to her right is newcomer Chuck Ladouceur, working with the lovely spin gym holding Forbes Riley, helping people break through their limiting beliefs. Pointing at us is Gustavo Ramirez then the hilarious Christopher Tolisano in teal green. Heading off to Danielle’s left is Chris (blue suite) Delany, Daphne Streets a writer, editor and ghostwriter, then Justin Riddle who, like our missing Justin Petro, says he can fix anything with wires, computers, plus offers web hosting. Next is Ken Van Baber, Mr. Rob Quin (black hair and t-shirt) a math and data driven consultant. Wearing the gray scarf is Sandra Bushart, a freelance proofreader, editor and writer, who likes to invent gadgets. Welcome!

Above is our lovely regulars Miss Hat-a-Tude Kathi Harris, the anxiously awaiting dinner Mimi Lange, baking Chef Jovana Boksen, our tech guru Seth Mattox, branding expert Arlene Aranzamendez, my old pal Ashley Ritter now with Springboard Retail, and newcomer, author and motivational speaker Jerid Fenderson. Wearing light blue is our favorite CPA Dan Novello and my pal Mr. Cool Joe Miller, ESC’s friendliest Freight Agent.

ESC Bucket List:

Travel to Turkey Hot Air Balloons

Give away 500K shirts to homeless people

Swim with Great White

Travel for 1 year

Underwater sex

Helicopter over grand canyon in lightning storm

Swim with dolphins

Swim naked in front of my girlfriend’s yacht

Ride the Blue Train in Africa and write murder mystery

Sail across the pacific

Go up to the space station

Learn Latin

Write My Book

Take Milinay classes In England

Fly your own plane

Around the World Cruise Ship

End up in space on something I built

Attend Canne Film Festival

Travel the World, To Italy.

Hotel on Mars

Cabin in the Woods and Get Away

Rock Concert 

Visit Ruins in the Mediterranean via coins that i collect

Hot Russia Babushka

Retire by 47

Climb Mount Everest

Own a lot of beachfront land

Evolve past politics

Reminder to get your tickets now for our upcoming annual Halloween costume party, Novaween. This year, on Thursday, October 31, 2019, Halloween night itself, we will celebrate our 13th annual, Novaween. Get your Novaween 13 tickets now and support the ESC, especially before the price goes up!

2019 10-31 Novaween 13 at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

Dinner Time

Dinner tonight was at a new, delicious Downtown St. Pete Restaurant, Sophia’s Cucina,  located at 2363 Central Avenue. 727-440-7764. We will be back for more!

Michael Scott Novilla

Hey everyone, I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, lucky enough to have visited 87 countries in search of the world’s best parties! I love hosting our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club, as well as running my world-class venue NOVA 535. Since I’ve produced over 2,000 5-Star Weddings and Events, I put all those wild stories and wisdoms learned together into my first book. It’s 5 AM Go Home is a hilarious, step-by-step guide to producing your own amazing, 5-Star, party, wedding or event. Check out my Book.

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Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm at NOVA 535:
OCTOBER      24 = NOVA 535 then Dinner Brick and Mortar
OCTOBER    31 = Novaween 13 = GET TICKETS NOW
NOVEMBER  14 = Offsite ESC at Big Catch Restaurant

…then dinner and more drinks immediately following…join us anytime! 

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