Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker headshot photo 10-28-2019


"It's projected that $6 Trillion will be spent in the IOT sector by the end of 2021. Using innovation and intellectual property, Tampa Bay IOT hardware and software startup PixelStix is positioning itself to be a major player in this booming industry. In October of 2019 PixelStix announced, through a partnership with the St Petersburg Arts Alliance and the SHINE Mural Festival, the world's first mural network had been brought online showcasing the 90+ curated murals by SHINE in the city of St Petersburg for it's citizens and tourists. In November of 2019, PixelStix announced it's flagship patent-pending software's ability to be licensed by B2B customers by announcing a partnership with GalleryTalk, Inc. Although the immediate intent by PixelStix is to acquire a healthy portfolio of software licensing partnerships, PixelStix promises to make quite an impact in the B2C markets in the years to come with it's consumer-based appeal and accompanying product line."


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