Shaelina Holmes

Shaelina Holmes is Chef Shae of Shae's Cafe

My Story

My choice was also about my health. My health physically, emotionally, & especially spiritually has completely turned around since removing animals, animal products, and processed foods from my life. I was sick in a lot of ways: depressed, overweight, inflamed, & suffering from a variety of reproductive system issues including BV, ovarian cysts, HPV flare ups, and “infertility”. I felt like I was in a black hole and I only found comfort in things that made me sicker. Now, I feel like I’ve found a hidden key to the door to freedom by making simple incremental changes to my lifestyle. I promise, this freedom is within all of our grasps.

I refused the doc’s diagnoses. I educated myself, tried new foods, resisted countless urges (a classic addict), and invested financially. Thankfully, I had the influence of my beautiful, wise-before-her-time little sis who gave up meat just a few months prior. She showed me it was possible, and that the grass really was greener on the other side! I hope to be that influence for many, many more.

​I completely gave up the consumption of animal products and nasty chemicals in my lifestyle once my sonshine arrived. I was 24, and my journey started when I was just 12. That's 12 years of a transition, and I'm still not done, but the journey is the fun part!

If you want to explore a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle or if you're a veteran vegan, or if you're just a foodie - I promise this food will change your life.

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