Vera Anderson

Vera Anderson

My Story

As the granddaughter of a Russian diplomat and the daughter of a Russian Olympic coach, I was raised with an expectation of excellence.

I experienced a profound loss in the market crash of 2008 -- not only business and financial -- I lost my business partner of eight years to suicide. From that time, I have been on a personal quest to learn, heal and rise from that low. In doing so I found myself continually seeking and growing toward my own full potential in business, and as an individual.

What I’ve discovered is that life and its pressures and conflicting expectations can create unsustainable lifestyles and destructive belief systems. Everyone goes through this at some point in their work and life, but we don’t always see it, and are all affected differently. I have experienced this firsthand, working as an operating partner for a multinational manufacturing conglomerate, serving on boards of directors in three countries, and launching a number of other businesses.

And what I’ve discovered is something I am passionate about sharing with others, applying what I’ve learned and tested for myself. My work has now become my legacy and empowers others in a profound way that helps them reach their full potential in their career and in business, live a fulfilling life, and enjoy rich relationships. My life’s work is to help others intentionally create their own legacy and recognize and reach their fullest potential.

Global Elements Consulting

Vera is a Legacy Coach, who created the:
Vera creates a custom-tailored experience for each client using the Intentional Legacy Model© as a foundation:
- Discover - objective look at your current state of potential
- Declutter - gain focus and take away distractions
- Strategize - create a simple, elegant, and usable plan
- Power Up - increase physical and mental energy
- Execute - apply all the previous steps to practical and sustainable action

This process can be repeated through every stage of business, career and life, providing you with a fresh and energizing look at what you are really capable of and steps to get you where you really want to be.


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