Entrepreneur Social Club every Thursday NIght at downtown St. Pete DTSP venue NOVA 535

Pitching at the deep end of the Artpool

Thursday, March 10, 2016 was another exciting gathering of our weekly social club for business owners and Entrepreneurs. The last few meetings had people squeezing in here and there, while this week was a bit smaller. Size matters, and when we have smaller groups (under 25 guests) we can spend a bit more time drilling down, vs with larger groups, we only have about 90 minutes for everyone. They both are great and I enjoy each for what it offers. Tonight we dug deep: Pitching at the deep end of the Artpool.  But before tonight’s ESC, I spent some time in DTSP, short for Downtown St. Pete, getting my hair cut at world-famous VLVT Salon on Central Ave, then “lunching” (always sounds so cool vs “having lunch”) at the always delicious Gratzzi Italian Restaurant. Earlier, while I was showering, I used the great smelling, all-natural soaps from local, fellow Entrepreneur Kim, founder of Bodhi’s Basics. A day full of Entrepreneurs creating wonderful things for us all. When’s the last time YOU THANKED an ENTREPRENEUR for all they do? =D

2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (33)

2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (37)

before the Entrepreneur Social Club DTSP


DINNER, which we enjoy after every meeting and a different, delicious restaurant here in Downtown St. Petersburg,  was at Souzou Fusion (Asian Fusion and Delicious) located at 435 5th Avenue North, Downtown St. Pete.  727-823-4050 souzoufusion.com


2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (22) 2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (19) 2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (27) Entrepreneur Social Club at venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete DTSP with dinner at Souzou


RULES – No Religion, Politics, Liars, Bullies nor Thieves. When seated, only ONE person talking at a time, phone ringers off please. 

PITCH  – Talk more about how you can help your clients. Start with the benefit to your client. Be crystal clear as to exactly what you do in 2 sentences or less. 

2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (5) 2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (6) Entrepreneur Social Club at venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete DTSP

Members in Attendance tonight were:

Carrie Tesch another newcomer = WELCOME CARRIE!! of Visi MLM Health and Wellness restores and the body, weight management, restores the collagen, rebuilds muscle tissue. Sounds amazing!

Marina Williams, my long-time pal and the Entrepreneur visionary (along with her super-duper-star Mom Becky) behind Artpool Gallery, the super swanky, fun vintage shop, St. Pete’s #1 Vintage Shop (and cafe) to be clear, where they  “can dress you up for your next event!”

Jason Keiger works with his fabulous lady Many Keys (working tonight) at their super cozy Community Cafe, a late night coffee

Nick Mazeika, Mr. “I’m you when you can’t be” and Sales Manager and Consultant for NOVA 535 Unique Event Space (where our meetings are held).

Tony Michaelides, Mr. Super Cool Rock-n-Rolla Brit who works for the astounding Magic Leap, keeping the company cool!

Sara MacQueen – Sara’s pitch continues to improve in the last several weeks, she truly understands continuous improvement!. Sara says “Big Fish Digital helps leading-edge companies create game-changing products and services.”

Miky Gray –  the big picture drone. Miky is leaving to go back to home of Bolivia and we raised some $$ which she uses to buy books and help educate the local kids. Miky = 5 Star fabulous!! 

Christine Fasan of K9 Holistics and Fran Goulitte, Franny the Pet Nanny, were back, our two favorite K9 Queens!


Nancy Krzesicki a NEWCOMER = WELCOME NANCY!  Her’ hubby (not in attendance)  is building a website  New.FloridaTitleSearch.com, which we reviewed. It took theESC members a while with Nancy to dig deep and understand who her actual clients were. WE got there and I believe that Nancy and her hubby should have much clearer focus on what they they are selling and to whom. NOTES FROM OUR DISCUSSION: 

$55 / search to get a preview cheap and fast.
For a newbie / amiture / busy investor.
Auction investor who needs quick info
Are your clients using brokers?
Who is your clients?
Fast accurate same day title service

Chelsea Millerwise  – NEWBIE tonight, WELCOME Chelsea!! She’s a Printer, and looking to network, looking to work at a printing show to help grow and manage the business, label printing specifically – less design, more about function and execution. Any local printers hiring??

Ann Marie Kriso , owner of Isabella Bowden, an All American Apparel Company; she also cleaned up her pitch nicely!

Kandice and Charles Claybaker, our newer hubby and wife members, were back. They win the award for the quickest business card improvement, literally 2 weeks, and all of the suggestions we offered were taken. BRAVO!! They’ve created the Claybaker Dustoff Charity – Local All volunteer charity helping combat vets help themselves, and we’re discussing a partnership with NOVA 535 for a Halloween fundraiser via a (kid friendly) haunted house, something I’ve been jonesing to do for over a decade. LEt’s hope things work out well for us all!

Sage Davis  was back tonight. Sage, aside from being Mr. Cool, is a 20+ year Real Estate Broker and expert (call him at 727-748-6332), who is involved in a  Community Futures Acquisitions and Development Firm. Welcome back brother!

Keith Long Journalist on Call, welcome back!

Evan Thomas Neimann  ETNart.com was back and creating another of his powerful, gorgeous illustrations. Lately he’s also been doing art therapy

ESC illustrations by Evan Thomas Niemann

2016 03-10 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-downtown-St-Pete-DTSP-NOVA-535-Souzou-Rubys (20)

After dinner we ended up around the corner at Ruby’s Elixir, where the BEST LIVE JAZZ in DTSP can be found! You know it’s ANOTHER WILD NIGHT when people are loosing shoes, mid stream. Usually after 10 pm we discourage photos…not a rule, just a suggestion.

Join us any / every Thursday Night for the Entrepreneur Social Club, most always at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535. You and your business will be SO GLAD you did!

After ESC at Ruby's Elixir in DTSP

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