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No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Hi I’m Michael Novilla. As I travel the world connecting with my fellow Entrepreneurs, I found that we all need a help and support, so I created a system called the NOVA Way. In 2005 is used the Nova Way to built my hometown St. Pete our own unique world-class event space called NOVA 535. In 2009 created a charity, the Entrepreneur Social Club, and now I also own and operate, where everyone goes for the Best of what’s Local in DTSP. Again I’m Michael Novilla. So that is my general social pitch, a quick way of describing me and my enterprises. We always spend about 20-30 seconds each pitching the group (always seated here at ESC, it’s a fun casual SOCIAL club, not a boring seminar with people standing up and droning on and on and zzzzz…) after I’ve explained the Entrepreneur Social Club Rules. 

No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves.  

Our group is like a big welcoming family. We are TOUGH, but in the kindest of ways. We are here to help and love and support you and your enterprise(s)…

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192241 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

So until tonight, we had a bizarre newcomer accost guests of our Venue NOVA’s out in the street, just as they were leaving and he was coming into our club and building for the first time. I was talking to Chris and Kym Jenkins (Kym’s Flavour Krate pitch is fabulous!!) and this “gentlemen” walked in, introduced himself as “John” (white guy, really really long brownish hair in a pony tail, around 5’10” probably 180 pounds, wearing a 3 piece suite) said he was told by someone at the Million Cups event (an excellent weekly pitch fest on Wednesday mornings I believe) to come check out the ESC. All seemed fine until a few other gentlemen rushed into NOVA, VERY UPSET, at this guy John.  I as the owner of NOVA put my hands out, as they were accusing John of accosting this sister and her husband (they are married and of mixed races) with terrible slurs, moments ago out on the street. WFT? Is this a 1950’s themed Twilight Zone Episode?? He was oddly not putting much strength into his denial… and I felt this could spiral out of control quickly. The angry gents (they were part of the wedding rehearsal bridal party we had for the next day’s wedding) were getting angrier, so I turn to John and asked him directly if he said any of this, agian his denial was way short of someone with any amount of innocence. Ugg. So I got the bridal gents outside, and after speaking with the group, getting the same story from about 12 people, I went back in and confronted John, telling him that (of course) the racist and mean and negative behavior was (just plain wrong) forbidden in NOVA and in ESC; in fact our stated online (and verbally proclaimed by me every meeting) rules are No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves. We didn’t think we had to add and No Racists, but for John, we will. So I walked John out onto the street, hoping never to see him again AND that he finds the errors of his ways, and evolves into a loving and kind human. Love over hate. Kindness over being mean. One Love. 

Whew….ok now onto our regularly scheduled program!

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192358The Entrepreneur Social Club at historic venue NOVA 535 in downtown St. Pete aka DTSP is full of love and respect, no racists2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192245 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Yes I am the founder and leader of our group plus club photog, using my Galaxy Note 5, so keep in mind that this is a free=charity group (no dues or fees – so no pro paid photog) and my photos are pretty durn good (for a smart phone, in a big, BIG room). Just saying! =D

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192317

We have some new members above tonight, the ones that acted properly, enjoying themselves!

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192332

So we discussed pitching and what the crux of any pitch, ie sauce of any successful business, is that you need to actually solve a problem. A pain point.

Businesses from a better ideas actually need to solve a pain point. What problem (pain point) does your business solve? 

NOVA 535 Unique Event Space  – solve the stressful planning process, trading worries for smiles

Andreas Neuert  – solves so we aren’t missing what’s going on RIGHT NOW. His new in development app uses real time Netflix style recommendations

Jeffery Kaplan DogFriendly.Com  11MM ameraicans adopted dogs / year -SOLVE  – I dont know where I can go with my dog

Realty Executives – solve pet related living issues

Below Brian O’Donnell of  – they Remove the terrible car buying experience. He’s already sold a few “stress free’ cars to ESC members!

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192300


Mr. Newbie Roofer – I fix your leaky roof

Emmanuel Roux –  We solve the lack of appreciation and thankfulness, through taste. How do I make an impactful gift, via GateauOChocolat

Anytime Concierge founder Jeff Sassano – Time is $ and $ is Time

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192346

Scott Olipra – Solves the paint point of where are my emails going?

[ We went deeper here as I wanted Scott to explain the email blackhole Scott Olipra said of 10+/- billion emails sent daily, 85% is spam, the DMARC policy is a standard to combat this. Change was made by Google. 3rd Party sending Emails (Mail Chimp) SPF DECAM DMARK and some use a registry. Scott Uses Infusionsoft to help solve these black holes and I’m currently discussing this further with him.]

Kym Jenkin’s The Flavor Crate  – solves pian point of convenience and inspiration when you’re cooking.

Chris Jenkins CIO of Symphoni Media  – How do I measure our ROI via intelligent middleware and simple reporting via ROI and how your well dollars are being utilized

Tony Michaelides, publisher, storyteller, Rock-n-Rolla – Solves the bordem via his interesting  and compelling stories

Keith Long, ghost writer,  solves that you have a story to write but don’t know how to write… the everyone has unique story

Dan Novello, CPA – Solves your tax headache

Nick Mazeika ‘I’m You When You Can’t Be” solves your pitch, helps provides actionable steps to solve those problems

Daniel Nyiri 4u Fitness – Solves the “no time to work out” excuse as it’s only 20 minutes 2x a week.

PITCH: This is your pain point and here is how I can solve your pain point. Center your marketing around solving that pain point….or fulfilling a desire.

** Reminder next week Thursday August 18, 2016 we are OFF-SITE  at Community Cafe at 2444 Central Avenue  727-222-6979 **

Speaking of Dinner here’s a preview of mid-course tonight at The Mill DTSP. See we ALWAYS eat and enjoy more drinks and fun and foolishness and deeper discussons and deal making after our meetings. There is a LOT of REAL business that happens here at the ESC, yet it’s so much fun that it almost doesn’t count. Almost!

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-221441 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192349

We always pass our cards around and offer frank advice on how to improve. Are they legible (font size = ?) We call this the 40 year old eye test. Is all the relevant contact info there WITHOUT too much? No need to write out “email” or “website or www.” and please no more fax numbers. Ugg! Does your card evoke a positive emotional response? Is it crystal clear as to what you do?  Are you using both sides of your card?

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192402 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Newcomers next to Mr. GateauOChocolat Emmanuel Roux, Anytime Concierge founder Jeff Sassano (than’s Jeff for all the referrals and support, you rock brother!!) and (in purple far right) newbie Scott Olipra who was super helpful and informative relating to our collective email black hole.

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192406 2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192422 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Above (left to right) Tony Michaelides, Keith Long and CPA Dan Novello, below Nick Mazeika, Daniel Nyiri and Mr Pipe Guy Keith Widmer of Acclaim Plastics

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-192438

Dinner was at The Mill DTSP at 200 Central Avenue. It’s ALWAYS delicious and full of a warm, welcoming vibe. Chef Jason greeted us, as always! We LOVED our meals..mmm!!

Below Fitness Guru, Model and Owner of 4u Fitness Daniel Nyiri is getting 21st Century updates on his super-cool smart phone.

2016 0811 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-NOVA-535-DTSP-214357 No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Entrepreneur Social Club at NOVA 535 in DTSP rules are No Religion No Politics No Liars No Bullies No Thieves and No Racists

Join this positive, fun and productive group who meet in person every Thursday Night, most always at NOVA 535, next week. And of course online daily in our many social channels, our FB page is robust.

August 18, 2016 we are off site at the delightful Community Cafe located at 2444 Central Avenue St. Petersburg 727-222-6979

September 15 we are off site. We are co- hosting our fellow ESC member Symphoni Media’s Ribbon Cutting on Thursday September 15, 2016 at thier beautiful new office digs at 10901 A Roosevelt Blvd North, St. Pete Suite #100  (conveniently as NOVA will be cosed for a private event on 09-15) at

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