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Our Summer 2016 Community Cafe Visit

Each Thursday night the Entrepreneur Social Club (ESC) meets in person, most always at my meticulously renovated, historic wedding and event venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida. Last week, Thursday August 18, 2016, NOVA 535 was booked for a WIFT event, that’s Women In Film and TV. It was hosted by Rose Rosen, of Casting by Rose, she’s fabulous!  I wrote a story about it, “I Make Films Like a Girl” , if you’re interested. As to tonight, since I was co-hosting WIFT at NOVA, Nick “I’m You When you Can’t Be” Mazeika and Audrey Jennifer, ESC’s new Hostess (with more than the Mostess!) met Jason (it was his birthday, happy birthday Jason!) and Mandy Keys Owners of Community Cafe at their really cute location at 2444 Central Avenue for our weekly planned ESC gathering.

WFIT kept me away from the COmmunity Cafe

Tonight our attendance included:
Returning was the lovely Tracy Penoki of Iktomi’s Elixirs, the super likeable Jeff Sassano founder of Anytime Concierge. Busy? Contact Anytime Concierge and give yourself the best gift possible, MORE TIME! It’s, cleverly, 1-800-ANYTIME. Also back tonight is Mr. Rock-n-Rolla, Publisher, Speaker, Author and Mr. Cool Tony Michaelides. Tony’s story is amazing plus he’s currently working for a startup called Magic Leap, which recently had $1.5Billion, yup Billion invested by Google. Wowzers! Check out Magic Leap and where we are all headed, via augmented reality. Audrey was using her iPhone for photos this week, they are so little and cute! (hahaha) Next week we’ll either have my Samsung Note 5 or my Canon 6D, so we’ll be back to full size (reality) reality. Also I’ll be back this week, August 25, 2016 at NOVA to lead our group. Think of this week as ESC-lite. A fun, more social connection.

Entrepreneur Social Club in downtown St. Pete at Community Cafe

2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-2

2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-3

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2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-6

2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-7


Nick and Kym Jenkins (married to our resident Tech and Web Guru Chris Jenkins) have created The Flavor Crate, where “Each month (you) receive a hand picked salt, spice, and custom blend to inspire you to new flavors and improve old ones.” Delicious!

The Flavour Crate at Community Cafe

Tonight’s newcomers were: Laura Barrett of Barrett School of Music, Andreas Neuert (back for round #2) founder of start-up Kyngo. Beau Davis of Community’s Futures St. Pete and John Turner of Synergy Wiz and Jacob Chak
eCommerce and Ben Boaz of I Buy Your Properties, a big hearty WELCOME TO THE ESC!!

2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-business-cards
We always pass out and review business cards, tonight was no different.
Business Card Critique
Shared constructive criticism regarding some designs in font lettering, image placement, content format, and contact info shown.
Branding Critique
Shared constructive criticism of branding for a few companies, such as the newly launched Iktomi’s Elixirs and Kyngo. Discussed perception of clients versus knowledge brand has of self and how to anticipate what potential clients might see be appealing or not based upon what’s initially presented (such as with business cards and pitch).  Itkomi’s Elixirs could benefit from updated business cards that will be more simplified in appearance, yet enhanced with scent.
Kyngo is a newly launched app with incredible potential but could benefit from more informative business cards to share. Synergy Wiz could consider reformatting cards to share product info more on front of card rather than hiding it in back. Great product but needs more informative pitch to showcase all of its potential and uses. Barrett School of Music is pretty self explanatory, but could use a hook of some sort to separate from competition in pitch and business card presentation.

2016 08-18 ESC at Community Cafe-DTSP-5

Here’s a big thanks to Nick and Audrey for taking charge while I was working, and to Mandy and Jason for sharing their Community Cafe and birthday celebration with our group! Join me back at NOVA this and more every week. Check anytime for exactly where the ESC shall be. Poetry!

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