Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

Follow the Shiny Fork

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

Tonight is Thursday, November 9, 2017, and we gather at our Entrepreneur Social Club headquarters, the DTSP historic venue, NOVA 535. We all get sidetracked, in business, in love, and especially after some drinks while we’re being silly. Speaking for my fellow Entrepreneurs, we are ALL overworked, mostly underpaid and certainly ALL need to lower our stress levels. Healthier is Happier, that’s Better, correct? Tonight we discussed how we can, and should be, healthier. And laughter is always on the prescribed medications list. We have so many laughs and good times during our meetings, and especially afterwards at dinner. Even more so during our !!AfterParty!! …though rarely are there any digital documentation and evidence of our !!AfterParties!! Club rules and all that. Just ask Jzon.

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

Above left in black is newcomer Sophie Cote, an Intensive Care Nurse at All Children. Welcome! Next is founder Julia Marie, then Kathi Harris of Hat-A-Tude in back, Pappachen and finally our fav photo editor Jenna Michael. Below is Hypnotist Sherri Hanner of TB Mind Spa, then Jeff Sassano Dr. Thomas G. Quinlan of Healthy Lifestyle Tampa Bay, newcomer Leanne Scalli CEO of Earth to Autism, plus our favorite CPA Dan Novello returns and finally Mrs. Networking herself, Eileen S. Brock.

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

Above is Steve Rosen, newcomer Ana Reynone plus Niko Manzanus of Clean Conscience Hopefully they all will Follow the Shiny Fork to the wisdoms of the Entrepreneur Social Club.

Niko Manzanus of Clean Conscience Foods  returns to ESC with his talented amigo Noel Aquino, a painter and artist from Cuba. Noel started painting at 7 years old, and has flourished into an exceptionally talented artist! Noel brought several fantastic paintings, of a unique surrealist, colorful, style. You can find his works on his website. Bravo to you Noel, benvenuto amigo!

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club

A hint of our post dinner silliness, just before we head out for our !After-Party! We had a huge group for dinner tonight at the always delicious Oyster Bar. I didn’t get any group dinner photos, but captured a few silly, blow the steam off vids. For those who don’t really know me, I’m a split between super professional get it done 5-star when it comes to work related activities, and a zani Jim Carrey-esc April Fool born sar-casma-tron the rest of the time.  Enjoy!


Austen Vanderbleek works in advertising, and is from the East Coast of Florida. His website will be live soon! Below is Cal Tiger of Silicon Beach Technologies and TB Internet Society. Cal sits with newcomer Donald C. Lloyd who is a mediator and arbitrator, offering dispute resolution for your business. He started in business at 17 years old and has been meditating for 30+ years. Check him out at Diversified Consulting LLC, as they offer Alternative Dispute Resolution, “ADR.”

Above Michael Serwer shares his wisdom and experiences with the ESC, while Frank Polito of Medical Marijuana Inc, listens in. Medical Marijuana Inc. offers legal CBDs in all 50 states. Below is Jabaar Edmond, a community activist and film maker, whose newest film is Art in the City, which screens on December 9th, stands next to Leanne Scalli the lovey CEO of Earth to Autism. In the center is teckie Cal Tiger, Julia Marie and newcomer Anaelena “Ana” Reynoso of Welcome everyone!!

Sandra Gainey of Cross and Crown, smiles while showing off her gorgeous necklace!

Artist and painter Noel Aquino.

Austen Vanderbleek of

Filmmaker and activist Jabaar Edmond.

Ethan Wright who offers lithium ion batteries and golf carts via

Ashley Mellencamp, an Esthetician and Tarot Card reader, a fun and unique combo, joins us for the first time. We found her a smart new URL; also Tampa Bay Tarot was also well received. Unsure if she’s going to use them, but certainly a step in the right (clear, concise, compelling) direction.

Donald C. Lloyd, mediator and arbitrator.

Sophie Cote, an Intensive Care Nurse at All Childrens Hospital.

Above, Jzon Livingston arrives and all good intentions leave the building!  Keevy McAlley (red jacket) of Blue Cypress Payroll and Keith Long, our Journalist on Call, are pictured Below. Keith says that “the simplest way to change your life is to publish your book.” I agree! He’s currently editing my 1st, Let’s Party! Hosting 5-Star Weddings and Events The NOVA Way! Next (wearing tan jacket) is Cal Tiger, then Steve Rosen, health guru founder Simmy Pappachen, and finally Ethan Wright with

Sherman Bryan, with Binger Financial, and Michael Serwer pose below for nice shot.

Tonight we discussed many things, followed shiny forks, reviewed business cards and ultimately spent a good chunk of time discussing health. And what members are doing to be healthier. We all agreed that more rest, less stress, more plants, less animals, more alkaline,  less acidic, more laughter, less shitty clients. And more ESC!!

Most members find the ESC via Word Of Mouth. Tonight it was 2 online searches and 5 WOM. Health Issues = you are what you eat. Avoid Inflammation, Processed Foods and Sugars. Low Acidic. Dr. Q says “your body wants to be 7.5 PH. We all have cancer cells it’s whether we give them the fertile soil to grow or not.” Alkaline and Low Inflammation is healthy.

Have a healthy mind. Follow the shiny fork to some laughs. If you cannot recognize the word(s) in the ingredients, avoid. Try intermittent fasting. Sleep issues via a NPR report were about a toxic protein from lack of sleep. Cook for yourself, use all natural cleaning products, get enough sleep. Relaxing your mind and refocusing your attention, via hypnosis or meditation can be quite helpful. Ana says cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda are all you really need.

Dinner tonight is at Oyster Bar located at 249 Central Avenue Downtown St. Pete, Florida.  The !After-Party! was located, for a while, at The Copper Shaker. According to their website, “The Copper Shaker offers handmade craft cocktails contemporary, innovative and traditional as well as a variety of craft beers. Barrel aged spirits and incredible food. The menu is an eclectic blend of high-end tapas and sharing plates with seasonal influences.”

We need an app to order, pay for and receive drinks right at where we are .vs having to wade through people, try to remember the drinks, look at and try to read in the dark the tiny font paper invoice. I found a draft in my emails for one of our drink orders: 2 bee sneeze, Coutxhie cutter, 20 20, Cranverry juice lime and Italian job. Spelling was left broken as that was the state of mind and problem to be solved by a fellow Entrepreneur.

This is always funny on Friday morning…. Thanks for choosing Uber, Michael. November 10, 2017, Uber X. 3:41am, from 234 3rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL to HOME 03:51am.

Follow the Shiny Fork to the Entrepreneur Social Club and enjoy all the photos from tonight, with thanks to Jenna Michael for her editing!

Please keep NOVA 535 in mind for weddings, holiday parties, fund raisers, film shoots, awards banquet. FInd out why we are the #1 rated venue here. Or call/text 949-873-6682 or Thanks!

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