Entrepreneur Social Club in DTSP | Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen

Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen

Tonight, Thursday May 12, 2016,  for the Entrepreneur Social Club, affectionately called the ESC, we had a really good crowd and some Funny URLS. This included a group of local film makers (Ondric Lavon and Daniel Michael, below) of Red Polar Studios, brought in by returning owner Ricardo Duval, below light blue shirt. On their right is the always fun and witty Julia Haddad of Fruityz All Natural Skin Care. Julia’s great, just don’t leave your unfinished wine bottle near her….haaha.

Tonight I’ve titled our Entrepreneurial Adventure “Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen”. Read on at your own risk!

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-9 | Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen

Another newcomer was Kalpesh J. Patel, who was branding himself as “Lawyer At Work”. Unfortunately he and the film gents didn’t join us for dinner, so they missed out on all the post meeting fun and shenanigans. We did suggest they produce a RED POLAR Studios video for NOVA 535 (gratis) which they kindly agreed to. This will be a win-win for us all; we see what kind of film makers they really are and when they prove good enough, we’ll share this video commercial of NOVA out into what I call the “NOVAverse”.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-23 | Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-30 | Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen

Anyhoo, we dug into Kalpesh’s branding  “Lawyer at Work” which wasn’t consistent with his company name nor url. See you must have your business NAME, URL (example = http://mywebsite.com) email ([email protected]) and social media (http://facebook.com/mywebsite) all consistant.

(Kalpesh is pictured below, left wearing a tie. Obviously brand new to ESC if he’s actually wearing a tie to our meeting. Next to him is another newcomer, Mohamed Saleh (Welcome Mo!)

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-8

Make it EASY and CONSISTENT for your prospects and clients. So we had some fun while helping Kalpesh “consistonate” his branding (just made this word up – the making of everything consistent). He said he is a business lawyer and prefers to work with start-ups (good strong niche here in Tampa St. Pete region), so we suggested:

tampabaystartuplawyer.com, yourtampabaybusinesslawyer.com, lawyerupbitches.com (haha, better call Saul!) imyourstartuplawyer.com, and so on.

The point is that you want to be repeating, at every “touch point” (whenever someone interacts with your brand) the same clear business name and message. Think about those Bud Lite tv ads; there is no confusion during the ad as to what the company name is and exactly what they do. Bud Lite = beer. Drink lots of Bud Lite. over and over and over. Rinse and repeat.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-15 | Filmmakers, Funny URLs and Getting Drunk with the Queen

Of course when you put 30+ Entrepreneurs in a room together, with free speech rights (EXcluding Religion and Politics) then we do get silly and have many truly hilarious moments, while we all blow off steam. Somehow we ended up with other funny URLs, like sexwithmillennials.com. I will attribute this (likely) to 1 of the 2 Jodi’s in attendance tonight. Serendipitously they sat right next to each other.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-19

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-17

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-20

We have a locally famous Vegan Chef Ray Milton, his food so deliciously healthy, he hates to have his photo taken, so here’s to our pal Chef Ray!

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-34

Something to consider when starting a business:  small businesses (used to create someone a job) vs start-ups (created to scale). Which is right FOR YOU??

We always collect and more often do business card review. READ THIS blog about how to create a great business card.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-18

Welcome back Cynthia of ontaskconcierge.com/
On Task Concierge Services “Everyone is short on time. The business of a Personal Concierge is to help you save time by providing you with services that will .

Tonight’s Wants and Needs:

Video Shoot for Red Polar Studios – they connected with my and my venue NOVA 535, time for ACTION!

Vanessa Sardi is looking for some Public Speaking gigs, WELCOME to the ESC Vanessa!

Ann Rogers – Looking for realtors who want more time

Below is newcomer Keith (I think – help?), Jodi McLean, Big Nick Mazeika, superstar bookkeeper Krystle Pinzker and Jodi Hansell.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-5

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-14

Steven Johnson (he’s too cool for a business card- ha! Welcome Steven – pictured above in yellow, next to superman Tony Michaelides – TONY!!) Real Estate Investor and Mentor – needs help hiring. IDEAS AND COMMENTS: Eddie Serralles (similar) find a bunch of young, smart hungry “kids” and teach them your methods and create the system (written policies and processes) and you are now the leader – they MUST be coachable – spend 20% of each day making them better at their craft, developing their skills, 1099 to employees and help them finance their own franchises.  Read Key Person of Influence

Below Kym Jenkins Klowning around (Kym’s AMAZING!) and the delightful Ann Rogers and finally Henry the Healer!

  2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-13   2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-16

Tonight we supported, once again, the Queen’s Head Restaurant  at 2501 Central Avenue in Downtown St. Pete aka DTSP. Ring em up at 727-498-8584. We LOVE the Queen’s Head and always accomodating owner Tracy and main Mr Do Everything Steven Hair.

2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-22  2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-24  2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-26 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-27 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-28    2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-32 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-33

Some really cool, LOCAL, artwork here at Queen’s Head, including pieces from artist Jennifer Kosharek. My good friend, furry baby momma (that’s a story for another time, one with more funny urls) and one of my top graphic artists, Melissa Caban, recently received a piece of Jennifer’s art for her birthday. Thanks Jennifer for being so fabulous!

 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-35  2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-37     2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-42 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-43 2016 05-12 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-DTSP-44

Join the ESC every Thursday Night, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, most always at NOVA 535, then dinner and drinks afterwards. So think Thursday Night, 6pm until Midnight-ish, is YOUR TIME to enjoy like minded Entrepreneurs and Business owners! Join us as we create more funny URLs!

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