Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina, one of our newer Entrepreneur Social Club members!

I did something unusual today. On a sunny August 14, 2017, here in Rio de Janeiro. During my world travels and adventuring, the exploring of street art murals and graffiti, down the alleys and around the city streets, I typically do this alone. Solo. Like I did in Athens and in Medellin. So I can walk and explore at my own pace. Rare quiet time. Time to think, to contemplate and enjoy. Well, I decided to take the smart advice of my new pal Tom Le Mesurier, the founder of Eat Rio, whose tour I enjoyed just a few days ago. Yummy! So when in Rio de Janeiro, spend the afternoon with Tom. He said that if I enjoyed street art, which I MOST certainly do, then I MUST take a tour with Nina. Thanks Tom for your excellent advice!!

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

A few days later we met Nina at General Osório metro station in Rio, the ‘we’ being myself and a lovely couple. Nina began by taking us to a complex piece, describing the artist’s techniques, the “hidden” images and meanings, and the unique way he signs his name. We spent an entire day enjoying, exploring, understanding and of course, photographing so many local and international street artists.

With all of the amazing artwork and murals, Nina was fantastic throughout. She’s really sweet, super knowledgable and 100% authentic. She knows and hangs with most of the artists here in Rio, so she isn’t just regurgitating facts, she’s speaking with an all consuming passion and love for the artists and their magnificent works.

Please enjoy these Artist flyers from Nina (thanks Nina!) about the artists, and some intel about their work.

Nina’s Rio Street Art Tour is unique each time, as she discovers new murals, while others are destroyed or covered up, so the artistic landscape is always changing. Some call it “Impermanent Art”.

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

In my lovely hometown of St. Pete, Florida, we have a mural festival, called SHINE on ST. PETE, this year Oct 5th to 14th. Plus I created a website showcasing all of the street art murals found in our city, the I did that out of love and frustration, as most every other city does NOT have an online guide to the murals, their locations and the connected artists. St. Pete, Florida does….and, well, Rio has Nina!


And a little background on Nina: “Nina was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She graduated in Graphic Design, but always had her mind in art. While in college, she was introduced to the local graffiti artists, who got her even more inspired. She now runs the Rio Street Art Tour, and is also an event producer and agitator.”

 Thanks again Nina for a most magical, informative and fun afternoon! If you are in Rio, go enjoy a day with Nina!     And at the end of the tour, you get to enjoy some cool, delicious (adult) beverages….

Rio Street Art Tour with Nina Rio Street Art Tour with Nina

Below is a gallery of many more of the Rio Street Artists Flyers that Nina shared with me. And keep in mind that I did NOT post many of the INCREDIBLE street art murals here, leaving them to be discovered on a sunny Rio afternoon, with me Amiga, the lovely, Nina. Ciao!

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