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Make Money Selling Your Friends

Selling your friends!

In Também Consulting I offer consulting on the SuccessFactors Learning Management System.  The business is a Professional Services business based entirely on relationships.  It’s all about acquiring resources (people) and putting them to work. Selling your friends!

Companies involved in this work partner up and sign agreements that whichever party brings in a resource owns the relationship with that resource.  The other party cannot do a direct contract with that resource. It’s clearly defined relationships.

Now what if you’re providing a resource to a partner and decide you don’t want to continue managing a sub-contractor.  You want to stop managing sub-contractors and focus on your personal work in the business.

But you say what about the loss of revenues?  I mean I am making money off her work, right?!

Have no fear.  You can sell the relationship. It’s about Selling you Friends.

Let’s go over that in detail. Here we go!

  • Também Consulting has an agreement with a partner company to not solicit resources.
  • Também Consulting brings in a sub-contractor to work for the client.
  • Também Consulting sells that relationship to the client.
  • The client contracts directly with the resource going forward.

Isn’t that fun!?  Make money selling your friends.  Try it today!


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