The Entrepreneur Social Club meeting just ended, now what?

Every Thursday at the gorgeous St. Pete venue NOVA 535, the Entrepreneur Social Club meeting begins at 6 pm.  This meeting is part drinking, part socializing and networking, part helping and mentoring, part teaching and sharing, part pitching and selling, part laughing and goofing around, part making new friends and business connections, and part realizing that we, as positive creative ‘can-do’ people, must be the evolutionary change the world so desperately needs. So by 8 pm-ish, we’ve worked up quite an appetite, and most of the group sticks together to dine and continue to enjoy the entrepreneurial creative ‘bubble’ that we’ve formed over the last few hours. During dinner, new real friendships take hold, business ideas and plans are discussed, deals are made and creative dreams are born, and lots of joking, laughter, drinking and fun is had.

6:00 pm –   6:30 pm   Bar is open
6:00 pm –   8:00 pm   ESC MEETING
8:30 pm    DINNER (which is optional though strongly encouraged) is held at a different, excellent restaurant each week here in beautiful downtown St. Pete.

2015 06-11 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA-535-downtown-St-Pete-Florida (11) ESC meeting just ended 2015 05-28 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-at-NOVA535-downtown-StPete (52) ESC meeting just ended Veal Parmigiana at Gratzzi, ESC meeting just ended

Occasionally we eat here at NOVA 535, catered by any of our several fabulous caterers, who provide us with virtually an menu of delicious foods we can concoct. This saves the group about 30 minutes of wasted time leaving and driving downtown, finding parking and getting to the restaurant, then settling in plus the energies needed to reform our ‘bubble’.  Most often it’s an off-site field-trip is needed, so we head downtown to enjoy and support one of many fabulous local restaurants. What I want to know is what ideas, improvements, suggestions and comments that you all have about the how, where, when, how much, what, with whom (other invited dinner guests) and such (including during and post dining entertainment) that you wish the ESC to add and embrace!

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