Entrepreneur Social Club at venue NOVA 535 in DTSP

Entrepreneurs Stick Together in Sickness and in Health

Entrepreneurs stick together in Sickness and in Health. Tonight we shared that we’re creating a series of live events here at NOVA 535 called “St. Pete Healthy Lifestyles” while our favorite John with a “Z”, haha, Jzon, has made much progress into his speaking publicly to those also afflicted with MS. We Entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries, creators, risk-takers are the ones who push evolution forward, the problem solvers, we who make our world a better, smarter, nicer place to live work and play! That’s why we meet weekly, every Thursday night from 6pm to 8:30 pm, followed by dinner and (more) drinks here in beautiful Downtown St. Pete (also known as DTSP). Speaking of dinner, tonight here in beautiful Downtown St. Pete DTSP we visited the delicious Italian Restaurant, Il Ritorno , owned by hubby and wife team, Erika and David. IL Ritorno is located at 449 Central Ave #101, DTSP, and I’d strongly suggest making reservations via (727) 897-5900, as they are usually quite busy. We rolled in about 9pm, fully lubricated and ready for the 2nd half of our ESC weekly adventure! Oh do read on!!

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-47

Again we had many, new members, and returning champs alike. Here’s a quick about who was and what they are up to…

Photo courtesy of USF https://hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/blog/2012/09/19/usf-multiple-sclerosis-center-part-of-new-therapeutic-landscape-for-patients/
Photo courtesy of USF https://hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/blog/2012/09/19/usf-multiple-sclerosis-center-part-of-new-therapeutic-landscape-for-patients/

Jzon Livingston, pictured above, our friend and tech kung-fu guru, who suffers from MS, is jumping into the Public Speaking world, speaking to those also afflicted with MS. He’s offering Messages of Encouragement, Enlightenment and Hope. Chris Jenkins the CIO of Symphoni Media Group along with super-wifey Kym Jenkins of  V Spicery, back in the house tonight. Chris had been out for 2 weeks with the flu and we missed these two nutjobs terribly! Welcome back!!

BELOW = Cory, Chris and Kym Jenkins, Jzon, Jen and Julia.

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-56

Mika Rotunda joined us at the ESC for the first time. We met recently via a Word of Mouth connection from my pal Steve Ware. He turned me on to Where2NextMika?, and she’s such a perfect fit here – boundless energy, bright ideas all over the place, hard worker, dedicated, believes in continuous improvement, wow so together for a youngster! You’re what 21 Mika? =D


We’re teaming up to create a series of live events here at NOVA 535 this summer:

St. Pete Healthy Lifestyles at NOVA 535, Hosted by Mika Rotunda
June 23, 2016   6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
July 28, 2016    6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Sept 8, 2016     6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Join Mika Rotunda (below, left next to d’ Arcy, Jen and Nick) as she hosts “St. Pete Healthy Lifestyles” at NOVA 535 in downtown St. Pete on Thursday nights, June 23, July 28 and Sept 8, 2016, from 6 pm to 10 pm. Why? We’re celebrating Local, All Natural goods and services that are Beneficial to your Health in an Interactive and fun family friendly environment.

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-31

d’Arcy Muller of Acorn Interactive was back, nice seeking you again Darcie!! Tony Michaelides Author, Speaker, British, and as all the ladies say “Sexy!!” Ann Marie Kriso of Isabella Bowdon Fashion, thanks for all of your referrals, delightful as always, though you missed a DELICIOUS authentic Italian dinner tonight. Jen Moyer, fonder of 50 After 50 returned, welcome back Jen! 50 after 50 offers “Inspiration, Motivation and Education enabling you to live the 2nd 50 years of life happier, healthier and more fulfilled than the first.” I say BRAVO to that Jen!! Nick Reinsch of 5 Linx returned, nice seeing you Nick. Yes Nick, I’ll get it straight. I’m so used to only one Nick, that’s Big Nick Mazeika, sales and consulting for NOVA 535 Unique Event Space. Also welcome back to our fine French friend Emmanuel Roux, creator of the delicious and healthy http://gateauochocolat.com, so tasty!!

GateauOChocolat Flourless Chocolate Cake
Julia Haddad https://www.facebook.com/Fruityzorganic/, Julia always a delight hanging with you! Hope you enjoyed dinner as much as I did!

Bryan Acevedo a USF Entrepreneur Studies Graduate Student and owner of Florida Photo Pro, found the ESC through good old Google. He’s currently trying to solve issues in the wedding industry, via a a website offering a Free Vendor Directory, with premium features for monetization, a project management tool for weddings, giving the bride and groom the ability to find vendors and manage their event. We drilled down here a bit and strongly suggested to Bryan that there are already BIG PLAYERS in this space, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart, plus tons of regional ones, like the local (ESC MEMBER) Venue Viking, AllSeated and MyNOVAEvent.com They all offer something similar or exactly what he’s suggesting, so we again strongly suggested that take a step back and see how else he can use his passion for problem solving; even via talking to other groups, like NOVA 535, to see where he may be able to add value vs. trying to climb that tall mountain alone. I hope you’re listening Bryan! =D

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-28

Above = left to right, Nick, Julia and Byran Acevedo.   Below = John Barie, and newcomers Rachael Duroure, Tami and Jimmie.

Tami Van Hoven SEO Consulting Experts along with co-worker Jimmie Wolfenbarger found us via the St. Pete CHAMBER. They are a Digital Marketing Agency, searching for clients $1,500 and up, content, PPC, reputation management, content strategy and platform, lead management, landing pages, split A/B testing, Welcome to the ESC Tami and Jimmie – JOIN US FOR DINNER next time!!

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-26 2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-27

Above is fellow blogger Steph Davis, internet marketer and blogger since 2007, http://havestephwilltravel.com came back for more; she commented to me that she really enjoys the Entrepreneur Social Club….Welcome back Steph!! And returning to NOVA 535 is Brianna Murphy, a smart, eager student I helped mentor years ago, she’s really blossoming, due to being an excellent student, hard work and her positive determination, now with Bronco Wines. Delightful seeing you Brianna, PLEASE come back soon!  Below is Mika Rotunda, d’ Arcy Muller,  Jen Moyer of 50 after 50, and Nick Reinsch

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-30    2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-34

John Barie (below left center, arms crossed with blue/green Hawaiian shirt) our favorite Architect and excellent pitchman, with his “I’m Trump’s Architect” line.  Rachael Duroure – Innisbrook Group Sales, with territories of Florida and Canada, is a newcomer via the SP CHAMBER. We worked with Rachael on her dilemma that Innisbrook is 10+ years behind in their thinking of marketing / sales, and she’s looking for advice on how to find and acquire clients searching for large blocks of rooms, meeting space. Jodi Hansell founder of Sqwize – craft cocktails in pouches, to the rescue. Jodi will offer Rachael some key warm contacts, bravo Jodi! We had suggested, Conferences, Large Group Sales, Visit St Pete Clearwater and Visit Tampa Bay. We asked Are you creating leads? Think about Hubspot and Linkedin. Also “What are you doing to get business off of your golf course?” came in from Kym Jenkins – smart! Also the Canada’s directory of business association was suggested.

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-42  2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-44  2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-46

Our favorite card and up-close Magician, Cory Van Valin was back, amazing us as always! Cory! If you haven’t seen his jaw-dropping card tricks yet, well then get with it! Guess which one below is Cory?

Luis NOVA of Baby Bird Studio, brand marketing, came back for more. Welcome back Luis, please join us at dinner next time so we can get to know you better.  Theresa Rea Gay, our long-time pal now pitching Errand Express, certainly should be another success story! Come to dinner next time Theresa! Jim Patterson of Jet Tech 360 says they are about to revolutionize the private aviation world! Best of Luck! Jim, using WOM, introduced Cindy Bloss – On Task Concierge to us… WELCOME Cindy!! You both missed a wildly delicious and fun after meeting dinner and drinks tonight. Shame on you both! =D

Below, left to right = the hilarious Jodi Hansell, Luis Nova (love the last name!), Mr. Hot Stuff, Tony Michaelides, Theresa Rea Gay, Kym and Chris Jenkins, and newcomers Jim Patterson and Cindy Bloss.

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-37

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-52

Dinner tonight at Il Ritorno:

2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-53Entrepreneur Social Club Thursday APril 14, 2016 at downtown St. Pete DTSP venue NOVA 535 2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-54   2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-57 2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-58 2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-5 2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-6


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2016 04-14 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-DTSP-NOVA-535-50

The ESC is FUN and PRODUCTIVE. Every Thursday Night since 2009 (barring a few Holiday Collisions) most always here at world-class wedding and event venue NOVA 535. Want to enjoy improving yourself and your business?? Then JOIN US! No registration nor entry fees, join anytime during “the meeting” from 6pm to 830 pm or afterwards at dinner. Are you making solutions or excuses?

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