Entrepreneur Social Club downtown St. Pete at venue NOVA 535 discusses Leaving Our Legacy

Leaving our Legacy

Hey, I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, traveling our planet, ( see where I’ve been) connecting and mentoring my fellow Entrepreneurs. While I’m home in Sunny St. Pete Florida, I enjoy hosting my weekly Entrepreneur Social Club [tm], held most always at my historic Downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535. Tonight is Thursday, March 28, 2019, and we are back here inside my 100-year-old brick building, the ESC HQ,  NOVA 535. It does feel good to be home. Let’s see what we got into tonight, including a most interesting discussion about leaving our legacy.

Entrepreneur Social Club downtown St. Pete at venue NOVA 535 discusses Leaving Our Legacy

Elizabeth Olguin snuggles in with her beau and COO of Express Yourself Media, Paul Menegazzi, as they return once again to the ESC.  Paul and Elizabeth will be showing off their digital entertainment at our upcoming Zentripz Decompression Session 4-20 Party here at NOVA 535, on Saturday, April 20, 2019! Time to Decompress; Join us!

Chris Jenkins, CTO of Symphony Agency, and amazing wife Kym Jenkins of V Spicery, pose up while Chihu Ikechi-uko owner of Social Media Marketing business UnfilteredMarketing.net joins in from further down the table. I ask everyone later in the night, what is the one thing you are an expert at, Chihu says “Creatively Solving Problems.” Kym answers “Spicing things Up!” and Chris offers “Strategic Analysis.” 

2019 04-20 Dood Zentripz Decompression Session 420 at NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete

My pal from back in the kickboxing with Amir days, Dood Zentripz, is celebrating a mind-shattering 20, yes TWENTY years of hosting his Zentrips Radio Show. It’s the longest running radio show in Tampa Bay. Join us Saturday, April 20, as this party will be EPIC!

Fellow music industry Entrepreneur Tommy (above, wearing the striped shirt) joins Paul and Liz tonight at ESC. Tommy has quite an interesting story.  He, among other things, plays a role in the upcoming film EPIPHANY, showcased at the Sunscreen Film Festival. The SSFF is held here every April in beautiful St. Pete, Florida. We are delighted to support the SSFF, now in its 14th year. Welcome to the ESC Tommy.

Dinner tonight was at a long-time ESC favorite, the venerable DTSP Oyster Bar at 249 Central Avenue Downtown St. Pete. My favorite is their delicious ribeye steak, fabulous Brussel sprouts, and a green salad. Yummy!

Pictured below right is newcomer Dustin Cassiday, wearing a solid blue shirt. He is a software engineer and App developer, his professed skill is offering “Technical Leadership.” Welcome, Dustin! 

Above left to right is returning members Wesley Stevenson founder of Expand-a-Craft, who shares that “youtube made my business.” Justin Petro of Advanced Millenium Computers “Makes your Tech Problems Go Away” is two seats down from smiling St. Pete Pedal-Pub owner Eric Olsen. Eric shares that “the Pedal Pub is Not a Dive Bar, it’s a Drive Bar!” Haha! Finally, the lovely pitch-master Julia Marie offers that we should “Focus on Today, as yesterday is a dream, and tomorrow is a vision.” She has the opportunity to be interviewed on FOX TV for her Organic Facials, and we encourage her to just be yourself. Julia loves making people feel good. 

Pictured above, at the front right end of the table, wearing a black short-sleeved shirt is newcomer Darryl Scale, owner of DM’s Mobile Car Wash. Our ESC advice to Darryl is to raise his prices and to add a premium offering, so his middle price becomes the most desirable service.  He needs an RV and TRUCK pricing options, and to showcase what equipment and products that he is using. Are they Average / Good / High-quality products? Environmentally friendly? He also needs to offer more Add-Ons. Next to Darryl is superwoman Jodi McLean, sporting her University of Michigan shirt – and so my appropriate response is, Go Gators!

Allison (left) and Jodi share a moment while Allison shares memories and insights about how we may think about leaving our legacy.

Below wearing the cool hat is newcomer Glenn Reihing, of Bright Ridge Mobile Health. Bright Ridge offers Patient Healthcare Access, and tonight Glenn is seeking help with finding a “website developer for video conferencing (regarding patient HIPAA).” Chris Jenkins laughs knowingly, about the quagmire Glenn stands within, that byzantine HIPPA landscape. Best of luck to you Glenn!  

Allison, John, Dorian, and Liz enjoy posing against NOVA’s infamous antique 1920 clay block walls. Allison Granell, who wears many hats, pitches her wedding band FromMetoYouBand.com. They are a  Wedding / Corporate 8-Piece Band, check them out! She is also involved in her family real estate business and is seeking help with their rebranding and logo design efforts. Jenkins offers, and I second, using Lauren Davenport via SymphonyAgency.com. Allison’s great grandfather bought their marina (Tampa Bay Marina) from Howard Franklin himself, right around 1960. Allison is consumed with how to properly preserve while still growing successfully her multi-generational family business. Concerned about how we are Leaving Our Legacy. And they have quite the legacy story to share.

Entrepreneur Social Club downtown St. Pete at venue NOVA 535 discusses Leaving Our Legacy

Dorian Angello, a Creative Strategist, was teaching college for 20 years. He felt dirty teaching kids underneath such an expensive system (college is to damn expensive) so he’s ventured out into our Entrepreneurial Playground; welcome Dorian!  As a master of design, Dorian understands that “Digital Marketing starts and ends with Design.” He is a trained professor of Fine Arts and Design, understanding visual and brand design, and that entire process. His reply regarding his area of expertise is “Design Aesthetics and Semiotics”.  Welcome to ESC Dorian and Allison!

Imperio Real Estate owner John Periera (gold t-shirt) poses with Allison and Dorian, while Liz hams it up for my 6D photoshoot.

Thursday, April 4, we are back at NOVA 535 for our regular ESC program. Thank you for following along today as we discussed Leaving Our Legacy

Thursday, April 04   ESC at NOVA 535

Thursday, April 11   ESC at NOVA 535

Thursday, April 18   ESC + NOVA Comedy Night

SATURDAY APRIL 20 9 pm – 3 am is Dood Zentrip Decompression Session 420

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