Leading the Way Entrepreneur Social Club photos at historic downtown st pete venue nova 535

Leading the Way to a Better Pitch, Z Grille then Ruby’s Elixir

Leading the Way to a Better Pitch, Z Grille then Ruby’s Elixir

Thursday Feb 25, 2016 was a beautiful evening as we all met, once again at my historic, modernized wedding and event venue NOVA 535, for our weekly (since 2009) gathering, the Entrepreneur Social Club. This weekly gathering is the perfect time to blow off our business and entrepreneurial steam, to grab a drink, or 3, and meeting new people, and for enjoying our long-time ‘family’.

We reviewed business cards and for those who needed improvement, they most always also need improvement in their pitch and branding and messaging. We dug deep into DUSTOFF, a start-up charity run by husband and wife team. Charles is a combat wounded Ranger, who was frustrated with larger Vet charities that weren’t solving certain problems. So he and wife Kandice decided to start their own. Great mission and passion, they just needed real honest help and constructive feedback.

2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-7

Their card was disorganized and the messaging unclear, “Dedicated unhesitating support to our forces”. Based on the D.U.S.T.O.F.F  helicopter from the Vietnam War that rescued soldiers, M.A.S.H  TV show was about a dustoff helicopter, they needed and got out help. Their Mission concepts: 

[] Help local combat wounded veterans.

[] Services offered:  homeless survival backpacks, Grown your own gardens, memorials gardens

[] (Rangers Motto) Always Leading the Way

[] Empowering Wounded Vets

[] Helping you brush the dust

[] Combat Wounded Ranger – best way to describe to eveyrone, not just to other military with those indecipherable acronyms that make civilians close their ears (and wallets).

Charles and Kandice will be back soon, for even more growth and evolution, I’m sure of that! Nice meeting you both!

2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-15

Entrepreneur Social Club photos at historic downtown st pete venue nova 535

People in Attendance Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Keith Long

Brad Lawrence (newbie) brought is http://Smoothapp.com  which needed clarity and better messaging. Cool dating app, but the message was not relaying what they were trying to get across. Much improvement was gained for Brad and his company.

Gina Tracy

Nick Mazeika

Christine Fasan  

Fran Goulet – welcome newbie Fran!!

Trenton Dilbert

Sheri Kendrick

Joe Hamilton

Kym Jenkins

Chris Jenkins

Arthur Guelli

Lynn Donohue – welcome newbie Lynn of  YourMobileMedia.com

Cassandra Vesh   – also welcome to newcomer Cassandra of CateredByVesh.com

Lorayne Chulla

Charles Claybaker 

Kandice Claybake

Mark Rowley   –  Newcomer Mark had to answer some rocky questions about who owns his URLs, he (and you) should ALWAYS own your own business domain names. Don’t be at the mercy of someone else when it comes to ThisIsMYBusiness.com (for ewxample)


Evan Thomas Niemann – again created a amazing portrait of the ESC,  illustrated like a courtroom artist would, the scene from our meeting, BRAVO!! We collected about $100 as a gift for his contribution, thanks everyone! Check out more at ETNART.com

Evan Thomas Niemann illustration of Entrepreneur Social Club at DTSP venue NOVA 535

2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-11

2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-9

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2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-4 2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-5   2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-8      2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-14

Tonight we returned to Z Grille, one of our downtown St. Pete 2015 favorite restaurants to support after our weekly meeting. Many of the members had never visited Z Grille previously, so they were in for a real treat!! I ordered their amazing ribeye with asparagus and broccolini, plus two bottles of Malbec to share, wow, 5-Star as always! Jennifer, Z Grille co-owner (Hubby is Zach, hence Z Grille) and her amazing staff took great care of us. I was even lucky enough to say a quick hello to the King of DTSP Jon Labudde himself, always a treat!

2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-20  2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-17 2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-18 2016 02-25 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-19
We ended up at Ruby’s Elixir, owned by our fellow member Greg Haddad, where they ALWAYS have the BEST LIVE JAZZ in the city. Period and end. Excellent service from superstar artist and server Linda, plus  we fully enjoyed their huge Whiskey and Cigar selection. Bravo!!

ESC at DTSP Ruby's Elixir

I hope you enjoyed our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club, titled Leading the Way to a Better Pitch, Z Grille then Ruby’s Elixir. When you are here in sunny downtown St. Pete, Florida on any Thursday night, JOIN US!! You’ll be so glad you did! (The photos were taken by my Samsung Note 5.)