2016-09-08-entrepreneur-social-club-at-venue-nova-535-dtsp dinner with spotlight catering

Dining in with Spotlight Catering after another Fabulous ESC

Tonight Thursday September 8, 2016 was another gorgeous yet hot St. Petersburg evening as we rolled into historic venue NOVA 535 for another ESC gathering. Instead of heading out after our scheduled ESC meeting, which runs 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, dinner was in tonight, testing out Spotlight Catering. Hint! Their food was delicious! Who am I? Michael S. Novilla the founder of the Entrepreneur Social Club (ESC), way back in 2009, in honor of Ben Franklin’s Junto Club. Also I own and run NOVA 535 Unique Event Space and DowntownStPete.com. But tonight isn’t about me (below) it’s about my fascinating fellow Entrepreneurs like good old Ben….do read on!


Lots of New and Returning Members tonight September 8, 2016.

Andrew of New Town Connections via Station House. John Crabs? Archaeology – wants to pursue grant writing and welcome back to Rob Gordon now with laser lipo. Big Nick Mazeika does business consulting for NOVA 535 and our favorite Don Kobasky, painter and now inventor. “Never give up, never take no for a answer.” Don was rejected twice by HSN but persisted until he was allowed to pitch, 600 applied, 30 some were selected to pitch. Don pitched with Doug Hensel aka DJ Fresh Don’s new product DripKrown.com. Learn to listen.

Welcome to Madi Musslewhite of Texture St.Pete, from Pillows to Projects and Pam Zibell Pet friendly realtor. Back again is the lovely Kathi Harris Hat-a-Tude and our pal, Mr Rock n Rolla Tony Michaelides of Magic Leap. Mr cool Arthur Gueli InjuryClaimCoach.com and the always delightful Julie Marie of Fruitzy 5dollarfacials.com. Welcome to Keevy McAlavy of BlueCypress.com and Mahmoud “Mo” Abdelmohty  Student at SPC, who enjoys observing entrepreneurs, open tech biz, apps, toys, wants to be own boss. Joshua Worthington ex-Military and currently in SPC, loves video games, white hat hacking along with fellow college student Rachael Rodgers studying USF wants to be a dermatologist.

Hello to Deb Mazzaferro  of GrowingYourSpecialtyFoodBusiness.com aka Coach Maz and out lovely photographer AudrewJennifer.com

Amy Marcos SPC, from Portugal..meet people, find a cool company/product like boba tea into another company… suggestion is to sell business to business INSTEAD of opening physical location…could be an agent making deals between biz 1 to biz 2

Julio Alarcon USF – medical marijuana company in Bogota. Need planning, branding, customer education. It’s a growing business! We manuf our products, currently from a cap of 20 plants.. currently via social media



Wants and Needs: (Members asking for and receiving help)

Foodclique.com has 41K fans on FB – looking for a pivot. Ideas were to approach other food bloggers looking for a larger national audience!

Marijuana facial called a pothead – joking around here!


Learn to listen. Need capital to get up and running…need a business plan.

Success Stories:

Don Kobasky with HSN.

Tony Michaelides 3 moments that rock. Working with ringling in Sarasota. It makes rocks stars real and real people rockstars! Being a rock star isn’t about record sales and fans it’s about influencing people, hopefully for the better. Everyone has a story!  At the beginning of Magic Leap, with Rony we feel like we’re a bunch of hobbits looking for our Gandalf.

Below is our newbies group of students, from SPC and USFSP, some with clear cut business plans, some still working out what’s next for them. Welcome to Entrepreneur Social Club! Left to right is Julio Alarcon USF – medical marijuana company in Bogota and Amy Marcos SPC, from Portugal..meet people, find a cool company/product like boba tea into another company. Then in blue-grey long sleeves is Mahmoud “Mo” Abdelmohty  Student at SPC, observing entrepreneurs, open tech biz, apps, toys, wants to be own boss. In red is Joshua Worthington, ex-Military and currently at SPC – he LOVES video games and reams of white hat hacking. Finally it’s Rachael Rodgers who is studying at USF and wants to be a dermatologist. Remember Rachael to educate yourself and those around you about the critical importance of proper nutrition – glutens and harsh chemicals play major havoc on the skin. Learn to treat the root causes and NOT the symptoms. My lifelong psoriasis disappeared after removing glutens and using all natural soaps, lotions and cleaners.  You are what you eat!

2016 09-08 Entrepreneur Social Club at venue NOVA 535 DTSP dining in with Spotlight Catering

At this end of the table we have newcomer XXX and (hidden) Robert Gordon, then big Nick “I’m You when you can’t be” Mazeika; business consultant extraordinaire. In the Yellow cap is world-class artist and master of High-Impact Oil Paintings Don Kobasky, now also a rising star inventor. With all that painting and mess, Don invented the brilliant Drip Krown. The next two lovely ladies of Texture Design and Home company,   Madi Musslewhite and Jennifer Handley (right), Texture is new to St. Pete. This is Texture’s 2nd location, the original store in Texas. Welcome to DTSP (DownTownStPete) ladies!

2016-09-08-entrepreneur-social-club-at-venue-nova-535-dtsp-2 2016-09-08-entrepreneur-social-club-at-venue-nova-535-dtsp-3   2016-09-08-entrepreneur-social-club-at-venue-nova-535-dtsp-62016-09-08-entrepreneur-social-club-at-venue-nova-535-dtsp-4


Each week at the Entrepreneur Social Club we create many new friendships, key business connections get a whole lot of great advice – all while having a blast! Check to see where out next event will be held at http://entrepreneursocialclub.com/events – most are at the gorgeous, historic DTSP venue NOVA 535! JOIN US!!

And about that dinner from Spotlight Catering:

Spotlight Chicken Boneless chicken breast sautéed with white wine & mushrooms with a light cream sauce.
Spotlight Catering at historic venue NOVA 535 for Entrepreneur Social Club

Vegetable Lasagna (was impossible to get a good photo that anywhere was worthy of it’s deliciousness!) with ricotta and a house marinara sauce and Cornbread (GF) Homemade cornbread (Gluten Free – was so tasty!)
Spotlight Catering at historic venue NOVA 535 for Entrepreneur Social Club Spotlight Catering at historic venue NOVA 535 for Entrepreneur Social Club
Caprese salad (above) (Gluten Free) Watermelon, grape tomato, shaved red onion, mozzarella, & basil with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Succotash (GF) Sweet corn with Applewood smoked bacon, okra, & fresh basil

Spotlight Catering at historic venue NOVA 535 for Entrepreneur Social Club

Roasted veggies (below) (GF) Simply roasted local root vegetables & charred red onion

Spotlight Catering at historic venue NOVA 535 for Entrepreneur Social Club

Michael Scott Novilla

Hello, I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, lucky enough to have visited 91 countries in search of the world's best parties!! As the founder of my world-class venue NOVA 535, I have produced over 2,000 Live Events. Check out my hilarious first book, It's 5 AM Go Home, a fun to read guide to producing your own amazing, 5-Star, party, wedding or event! If you're in the neighborhood, come visit me at NOVA 535 on Thursday nights in beautiful downtown St. Pete, as I host my Entrepreneur Social Club, an always fun and productive evening! Thanks and good luck to us all! Michael@MichaelSNovilla.com

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