The Comfort of Friends and Good Food with the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535 then dinner at Callaloo

The Comfort of Friends and Good Food

Tonight is Thursday, April 18, 2019, and our weekly gathering for networking, biz dev, socializing, mentoring, learning, growing, fooling around, acting silly, blowing off the pressure and steam of running your own business enterprise has arrived. Our special time, when we gather to share and celebrate the comfort of friends and good food, is upon us. We need this, because when the entire responsibility flows through you, the visionary, the founder, the center core, you never get a break. Running your business “show” is 24/7/365, and we, the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] are here to help you improve in all aspects while you have a really, really good time. Tonight we enjoy the comfort of friends and good food.

The Comfort of Friends and Good Food with the Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535 then dinner at Callaloo

Here we are inside my historic Downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535, where everything goes EXCEPT religion and politics, liars bullies and thieves. Tonight is NOVA Comedy Night, so we get to know each other a bit, share business cards and biz card reviews, then prepare to head off to Callaloo Restaurant. 


Roger Curlin of the smart dining deal system Club Savor, sporting his dark blue Club Savor shirt.

Our most lovely, fellow globetrotter Miky Gray, wearing white and blue striped pants.

Volleyball enthusiast and newest member of Symphony Media Jodi McLean, shoulder length brown hair, jeans, and a dark top. 

Eric Olsen (wild pink shirt) owner of Pedal Pub St. Pete, it’s not a dive bar it’s a DRIVE bar!

Lori Martin, long brown/blonde hair and really cool shirt/top, the owner of event company Signature Shindigs, joined us tonight… Welcome, Lori!

Seth Mattox (light gray dress shirt and wearing glasses) our newest Mr. Smarty Pants of all things internet, video games, plus he’s created and sells a super awesome gaming chair via OPSEAT.

Chihu Ikechi-uko, the founder of, returns wearing a blue dress shirt. Chihu has a book IT WORKS! BUT HOW? being published soon, all about smart social media marketing. 

Justin Petro of Advanced Millenium Computers returns, wearing jeans and white short sleeved shirt. 

Ann Bessonneau, our newest member, hailing from France, is now the owner of downtown St. Pete TRANQUILITY Wellness SPA, located at 149 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg. 

Tracy Asalita owner of the always fun and delicious Queenshead Restaurant and Bar, wearing the cool Queens Head shirt.

Greg Simmons (orange shirt, just joining for dinner) founder of Web Edge Digital Marketing.

Ray Milton our resident Vegan Chef, owner of Ray’s Vegan Soul Food, loves to hide his sexy mug from our cameras.

Author Stephanie A. Wynn, white shirt, glasses, black hair, joins us once again, always delightful to see her. Steph is part of A HUSTLERZ AMBITION business seminar at my historic venue NOVA 535 on the afternoon of June 17, 2019. Check it out!

Newcomers tonight consisted of 2 couples, Entrepreneurs Jeremy Rasmussen GM of ArCON2, (blue and white striped dress shirt, brown hair) a construction and consulting company, that specializes in “micropiles and ground modification,” founded via ArCON-2.comJeremy was accompanied by his lovely wife Jennifer Rasmussen, (dark hair wearing brown blouse) a licensed Esthetician, and owner of Envision Esthetics found in Tampa Florida, and online at They offer Non-Laser Tatoo removal, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, scar revision, and Chakra balancing.

Another couple from Tampa joined just for the ESC experience, delightful friends of Jeremy and Jennifer. WELCOME, EVERYONE! Our feedback was the same as always for their business cards: Follow these Rules. The quick test is if you pick up a biz card off the street, is it clear what that person/business does? At a minimum an email and website, plus almost always one phone number, with the font passing our ’40-year-old eye test.’ Jeremy is obviously a really smart guy, his card was overwhelming; amigo less is more.  A clear, concise compelling reason for me to call/email/website you to solve my problem related to ____. Please come back so we can help you.

Also, newbie Joe Miller, national account executive consultant, Integrity Express Logistics, was wearing a white t-shirt with dark hair and medium beard.

Below, bottom right black hair shirt and glasses is our ESC pal John Pereira, Imperio Realty and his lovely friend Kelly Biddle, a local Real Estate agent. 

DINNER tonight was at Callaloo located at 642 22nd Street South, Downtown St. Pete.  Dinner was delicious, all about enjoying the Comfort of Friends and Good Food. We really enjoyed ourselves, and offered team Callaloo some advice, add a lot of cork inside their private dining room to soften up the noise volume. We had a wonderful wait staff and the food was well worth coming back again for more! I had the tenderloin tips with mushrooms, red onions peppers, and a sweet and savory sauce, plus the fried okra, and some sweet potato fries. Yummy!

I’m Globetrotting Entrepreneur Michael Scott Novilla, ESC founder, tonight I’m wearing a black shirt, grey vest and my black and white NOVA 535 hat. I’m here to mentor and connect with my fellow Entrepreneurs and business owners. While I’m home in beautiful downtown St. Pete Florida, I host this madhouse of visionaries and fellow creators, every Thursday night, almost always here at historic venue  NOVA 535. I am just returning from visiting 29 countries, over 416 days, you are most welcome to take a peek if you so dare. It was magical and both enlightening and terrifying. 

Below Seth Mattox enjoys a laugh with our 5-star Callaloo server, sadly I forget her name, but she was FANTASTIC!


Thursday, April 25 at NOVA 535

Thursday, May 2 OFFSITE at QUEENSHEAD located2501 Central Avenue Downtown St. Pete

Thursday, May 9 at NOVA 535

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