Entrepreneur Social Club at venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete DTSP Queens, Cards and Illustrations

Queens, Cards and Illustrations

Queens, Cards and Illustrations. February 18, 2016

Every Thursday night, since 2009, we meet, most always at my historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, located in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida, for the Entrepreneur Social Club, aka the ESC. We spend the first 30-45 minutes drinking, socializing and schmoozing, in a fun, casual atmosphere, before we sit down for the meeting. Our rules are simple, NO religion NO politics, just come and enjoy a fun and productive couple of hours with like minded Entrepreneurs – from ideas and start-ups to Billion $ businesses. NO need to register, just check the MEETING LOCATION (most always at NOVA, occasionally offsite when NOVA 535 is booked for private wedding or event).

2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-4


2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-5

Members in attendance tonight Thursday February 18, 2016:

Gina Tracy – Imagine Root LLC
Brian Raines
Kaytie Shea and Michael Ritzi and Harley Garza Fly Tropic.com  (NEW)
Christine Fasan
Miky Gray
Tony Michaelides – Magic Leap
Sheri Kendrick –  Little Light of Mine (charity)
Nick “I’m you when you can’t be” Mazeika – NOVA 535 Unique Event Space sales consultant
Trenton Dobert – Student at SPC
Mark Early
Daniel Nyiri –  4u-fitness.com
Karen Rowe – Author. Ghost Writer
Evan Thomas Niemann  – Artist and Painter
Art Gueli  – Injury Claim Coach.com
Keith Long – Journalist on Call

Chris Jenkins – Symphoni

Kym Jenkins – V Spicery

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Business Card Reviews.

When we have new members and/ or new cards we offer a quick, brutally honest review of business cards. The natural reaction is to defend your card. NO NO NO. This is the time to close your mouth and listen. Really listen as many people create terrible cards, cards that leave the reader wondering “what do they actually do?” and “How can I contact them?” and the worse offender is “I cannot even read the font (it’s too small and/or it’s too “flowery”)

Entrepreneur Social Club downtown St Pete business cards Feb 18 2016

How can we help you tonight?

Gina Tracy  – wanting to start a partnership. 


try one year with separation, like a prenuptial, easy walk away option

take it like living together before you get married

what’s each of your all’s 2-3 year plans

everything must clearly spelled out and IN WRITING  – good contracts protect relationships

maybe an exchange of services vs partnership


Tropic Ocean Airways  – New Airline flying here from ALbert Whitted to Ft. Lauderdale.

Scheduled service and private chartering

Have an upscale clientele $399, now St. Pete to Ft Lauderdale

IMPORTANT QUESTION = Who is your customer?

MY THOUGHTS = Nice group of people. Their business card and pitch needed a LOT of work, as no one understood from their card what they do. They listened and added lots of their own good adivce, and I have the feeling they’ll be quick to improve and evolve.


Christine Fasan  – owner K9 Houstics, dog walking and training, pet sitting, need a new hire, networking and get a good referral – read the book WHO?

Daniel Zoltan – A competitor wants to buy him out – his options: 1 buy him out or 2 daniel says no, or 3 add his own brand into their gyms. He’s smart and will take the group suggestions along with him to the meeting next week. Good luck Daniel!


Entrepreneur Social Club at downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535     2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-7  2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-9 2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-10    2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-14   2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-17 2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-18

This beautiful, newly created (during the ESC) piece of artwork was by Evan Thomas Niemann  – Artist and Painter – which I purchased for the club, thanks Evan Thomas!!

2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-19



Each week we go to dinner at a different, local (not chains) restaurant here in beautiful Downtown St. Pete. We have so many to choose from, I consult my other website that features ONLY THE BEST of DTSP, DowntownStPete.com. Tonight was the always fun and delicious Queen’s Head at 2501 Central Avenue. We finished dining around 11pm then ended up closing the bar down after 2am. Was a blast!!! So many laughs and jokes and stories and random, hilarious moments. What a great, stress relieving night!! I enjoyed the delicious poached Haddock and the amazing scallops appetizer plus lots of Tempranillo wine! Of course I wasn’t driving, UBER baby!

FYI: You can join us at ANYTIME during our 6pm to LATE AM ESC experience. Come at NOVA 535 or join us afterwards for Dinner 8:30 to 10:30 pm zone, then for drinks and more…


2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-23

2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-21 2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-22    2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-26 2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-27   2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-30

A BIG THANK YOU to new Queenshead Euro Bar and Restaurant owner Tracy Asalita for her and superstar server / bartender Stephan for their  always warm, fun and excellent hospitality! Go enjoy Queenshead dining for yourself!


2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-33


I hope you enjoyed our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club, titled Popcorn and Pitches. When you are here in sunny downtown St. Pete, Florida on any Thursday night, JOIN US!!


2016 02-18 Entrepreneur-Social-Club-photos-at-historic-downtown-st-pete-venue-nova-535-12

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