2016 12-22 Entrepreneur Social Club at NOVA 535-2

Happy Birthday Dorkstar Dinner at Iberian Rooster

Are you ready for another Entrepreneurial adventure? One with laughs, tears and agony from heartache and loss, positive growth and knowledge, one where an Iberian Rooster is involved, plus mucho mucho high quality Tequila. Then fire up a Jzon-van-oh-my-damn late night alley tour, and fast forward to the end, past the many stops, laughs and hilarious moments we don;t allow on film – for our brains only. We don’t kiss and tell (well, not always). A story where everyone ends up safe and sound. Why? Because we all use UBER, silly! So tonight we’ll title our story: Happy Birthday Dorkstar, Dinner at Iberian Rooster!


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