The Tasty Succulent and Sweet St. Pete Indie Market

According to their Facebook page, the “St. Pete Indie Market is a monthly makers faire showcasing the best of all things indie, located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg.” And according to The St. Pete Indie Market Website, their mission is “To promote local arts and culture and to engage and empower our community towards positive growth.” Stated a bit wider than I like to see for their formal mission statement, it’s still full of that good “Hippie – Let’s Save the World” feeling. A feeling that I love to see, hear and experience. One I also help spread, along with my pals and fellow members at Keep St. Pete Local, plus always via my weekly fun and productive  club for business owners and Entrepreneurs, on Thursday Nights, the Entrepreneur Social Club. It’s about connecting the world’s Entrepreneurs and solving our problems. All while having a great time. Like today, bike riding throughout gorgeous downtown St. Pete and eating delicious, well read on, you’ll see…

2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (15)

Running into cool, local business owners O’Berry’s Succulents,  who, according to their FB page “are the O’Berry’s, a father and daughter team who propagate succulent dry gardens in St. Petersburg, Fl. We believe that plants bring joy and calmness to our busy lives and we want to share that with you! Our product is unique and one of kind, using up-cycled and vintage containers to create beautiful dry gardens”

Succulents make great house plants, and gifts.  Much easier and better smelling than a cat any day. Just saying.

2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (17) 2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (24)


It was easy to make new friends with the lovely ladies of The HOLE doughnuts. They used an ancient Kung-Fu technique, one that I was unfamiliar with, and broke my gluten free fast (for a moment), “forcing” me to taste (then buy) samples of their AMAZING and ALL NATURAL doughnuts. Ohhh My Goooooooooooooooood!! MMMMM!!!! Follow the Hole Doughnuts on Instagram too, no calories found there, really! =D


2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (9) 2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (11) 2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (12)

See the Indie Market moves around a bit, and it’s a great collection of many unique local vendors, the kind that I LOVE TO SUPPORT.

In fact, here at my historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, located right here in gorgeous downtown St. Pete, Florida, the St. Pete Indie Market will be held here on SATURDAY JULY 18th, 2015 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

St. Pete Indie Market Facebook Page   and  St. Pete Indie Market Instagram Page  plus their email is stpeteindiemarket AT

I found some cool magnets, among other things, from the delightful Rachel O’Neill, of Lotus leaf Creations, where you learn that “Our shop was born with the intention of bringing inspiration, smiles, and happiness into homes. Rachel and Ryan are husband and wife duo that are behind Lotus Leaf Creations. Rachel handles all the marketing and business development while Ryan is the master of design. They both have frequent creativity sessions to come up and develop new and fun ideas. We hope you enjoy the shop and hope that we can bring some happiness to your home, Cheers!” Follow Lotus Leaf Creations on Facebook too!

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I bought some all natural soaps and deodorant form the charming lady at Bodhi Basics, and I’ve never smelled so naturally delicious!

The Bodhi Basics FB page is where you learn that they provide “Organic, Sustainable, Handcrafted Soap, Deodorant, and Body Products for People & Pups” So true!

2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (35) 2015 04-18 St-Pete-Indie-Market-downtown-StPete (28)

So who am I?

I’m Michael Novilla and I love throwing great parties and weddings. So as I traveled the world, I explored and brought amazing ideas home to St. Petersburg, Florida and built us a world-class venue, NOVA 535 Unique Event Space. I wanted to give back to my community so I founded the Entrepreneur Social Club,and host it every Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, most always right here at NOVA 535 in gorgeous downtown St. Pete. If you’re looking for a FUN and PRODUCTIVE time with fellow Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, College Students and Start-ups, JOIN US!!

Here is the weekly Agenda for the ESC.




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