Seth Mattox says some smart stuff

Tonight is Thursday, June 20, 2019, and I’m at my historic downtown St. Petersburg, Florida wedding venue and unique event space NOVA 535, here a bit early for improvement design time. We have a newcomer, new to the Entrepreneur Social Club (that’s “The ESC” to us regulars) and newish to St. Pete. She, Jenifer Madson, is friendly and engaging and as we close in on 6 pm maybe only 10-12 members have trickled in. So far. Jenifer asks about attendance, and I laugh that it’s never predictable, but to relax, guests and members will continue to saunter in. When we sit down about 6:40 pm for the “formal” meeting time (we aren’t formal, though we have strict rules and procedures, like NO religion and NO politics), our huge table is almost full.

Then our notorious “late” comers, (one of their names rhyme with He-He) those in by 7 pm, fill up almost every spot. After each meeting, we head deeper into Downtown St. Pete (that’s DTSP to us locals) and it’s always a wild-card as to how many say they are coming to dinner (I’d guess 2/3), how many of them actually show up (most of that 2/3) then of course we have the “even laters”, like Sir Jzon Livingston, some of our most favorite peeps, who swing in just for dinner. Well, dinner and a long night of deserting. Tonight as Chris and Kym Jenkins are both out parenting, luckily Seth Mattox says some smart stuff to cover for Chris’ missing technobabble. I love the ESC!


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