Double Bubble with the Entrepreneur Social Club

Double Bubble

We all (should) know that a recession is coming. Not if, when, and just how deep and nasty will it be? We are looking forward, doing our best to grow sustainably, to be ready willing and able to weather this next economic downtown. Tonight, Thursday, May 23, 2019, we spend some quality time during our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club [tm] discussing the Double Bubble. The Double Bubble we refer to is not from the infamous bubblelicious gum that I chewed the hell out of when I was a teen, in fact, no more gum for me at all. Mostly because it’s plastic and poison, a definite lose-lose. That Double Bubbe was that rare moment when you blew a larger outer bubble then a smaller bubble inside of your first bubble. Hence the Doube Bubble. As Roger Curlin III, our resident restaurant guru describes, the Double Bubbe of the overbuilt local restaurant industry and the impact of the forthcoming recession will be providing a much much less friendly version. I hope we are all ready, though I know we are for tonight’s fun and productive time spent together. So let’s get things rolling! (more…)

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