Niajae shares her abundance of ProductiviTEA with the Entrepreneur Social Club at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

Niajae shares her Abundance of ProductiviTEA

We, the Entrepreneur Social Club, have the mentality of win-win-win. When you are better off, everyone is better off. Suffering hurts us all. The Abundance Mindset. You are the limiting factor of yourself. You are the one who sets your own limits. If you can dream it, you can (most likely) achieve it. I do, on rare occasions, dream of flying. From the treetops up, up and away. Yes, we have planes, parachutes, gliders, jetpacks and such, so see what I’m talking about here? Well, we the Entrepreneurs, the dreamers and visionaries, the builders, the doers (like our aptly named Jamie Doershuck‘s The Doer Company) we are the ones who get shite done. And Niajae embodies that way of thinking. That of Abundance, instead of scarcity. Here at my historic downtown St. Petersburg, Florida wedding venue and unique event space NOVA 535.  Tonight, Thursday, July 11, 2019, Niajae shares her abundance of ProductiviTEA. 


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