Jamie Doerschuck

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Who am I?
I’m an independent consultant and copywriter in Tampa Bay Florida, and I’m ready to help solve your toughest marketing problems.
I love working with web devs, designers, agencies, and small businesses ?
I am a passionate student of marketing. I have a strong background in direct marketing, copywriting, and marketing strategy.
I’ve optimized webpage copy, deployed content marketing strategies, coordinated ad campaigns (plus their content creation), and marketed for many industries including: food & beverage, education, lifestyle, startups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and more.
If you’d like to get to know me better, connect with me on Medium, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

To create marketing that actually works for you.
My mentality is really results oriented. Others in my industry may frontload you with project after project, and you’re $1,000’s in but there’s still no clear marketing strategy in place… I believe in taking the path of getting you a return first – and I do that by putting together a foundation of small, simple marketing systems that build off of each other.
Marketing should be an investment (not an expense). I know that behind every project is a business problem that needs a solution. A problem that is tied to real money. I listen very carefully, then work with you to design the best marketing solution for your business.


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