French Accents Hard Science and Sushi Galore at Souzou Restaurant in DTSP

French Accents Hard Science and Sushi Galore!

Thursday, January 12, 2016 heralds our weekly gathering with the Entrepreneur Social Club, AKA the ESC. We have been meeting every Thursday, sans any major holidays like Thanksgiving, since January 2009. In the light of a wedding being on schedule for tonight at our DTSP headquarters, historic wedding and event venue NOVA 535, we are offsite for ESC. So we ventured to Suozou Asian Fusion Restaurant to enjoy French Accents Hard Science and Sushi Galore, at 435 5th Avenue North. Call them at 727-823-4050, they are fabulous!

Attendance sometimes dips when we are offsite, and I use the time when I’m sitting there alone waiting for our members for a moment of introspection. For instance, I think: Why are you doing this Michael? Who will show tonight? As I organize my laptop and get my Cannon 6D ready, I ponder what the ESC means to me… Why every Thursday I spend my valuable time and energy on my “charity”, a free social club focused on helping and mentoring my fellow Entrepreneurs.


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