Entrepreneurial Tails of Deliciousness

Entrepreneurial Tails of Deliciousness!

Tonight is a lovely Thursday November 2, 2017 here at historic DTSP wedding event and event space NOVA 535.  We gather once again for our weekly ESC bid dev (business development for those not in the know) and networking meeting. ESC of course is short for Entrepreneur Social Club ™, gathering every Thursday night, sans Hurricanes and Thanksgivings, since 2009. We connect for laughs, drinks, comradery and stories of success and failures. Tonight we are treated to several Entrepreneurial Tails of Deliciousness! (more…)

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Hot pucks and cold fish at venue NOVA 535 for the Entrepreneur Social Club in DTSP

Hot Pucks and Cold Fish

Tonight Thursday May 26, 2016 we decided to stay at historic event venue NOVA 535 for our post meeting dinner and drinks so we could watch our local hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, play in game 7 of the Stanley Cup semifinals against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hence the title Hot Pucks and Cold Fish. This was a smart suggestion made by Nick Mazeika (Business Consulting and NOVA 535 Sales) in our weekly meeting with Chris Jenkins (I’m Their Web Guy and CTO Symphoni Media), so we were sure we’d have plenty of space and be able to watch or schmooze or both, right here in the comfort of our NOVAverse. We love frequenting the many fabulous restaurants, cafes and nightlife options here in Downtown St. Pete, aka DTSP, but it’s also nice not to have to drive anywhere. You all are welcome for the extra 20 minutes and free parking!


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