2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou | Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

This week, Thursday November 17, 2016, at Entrepreneur Social Club, we met at one of our favorite spots, Souzou Asian Fusion Restaurant, and it was perfection per usual!

Mixed in with the fun group of our regular attendees were some intriguing new faces, and we sure enjoyed getting to know them. David Esposito from Gold Lens Media joined us with his lovely wife, Chelsea (who just so happens to be a technical “mistress” by trade, but that’s another story).  David was excited to know more about the ins and outs of brand development. He reached out for recommendations for outsourcing marketing and design, and our members were quick to provide a multitude of avenues for David to choose from. Oh, and by the way, who am I? I’m Audrey Jennifer, artist, yoga instructor, ESC and DTSP promoter, plus Hostess and Photographer for ESC! Yup, I’m one busy busy lady!

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

Welcome back MarkeeDragon.com, sporting the excellent beard above!

We’re always reviewing business cards: Free, Valuable Feedback. All you’ve gotta do is listen, learn and act!

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends


We also had James, a current coastguard and navy service member, joining our group tonight. He’s looking to make new friends in the area, as well as to get connected within the realms of his multitude of interests and talents. Well, James, you certainly came to the right place! Back again is our pal, Mr. Super Helpful, Jeff Sassano (below, right) founder of Anytime Concierge. Jeff!


James’ interests and skills ranged from music to photography to promotions and it didn’t take long for him to meet somebody within the group who he could relate to in each and every one of those areas. We happened to have our photographer, David, sitting right next to me, as well as my musically-connected entertainer friend, Sheldon. Check out SheldonBlake.Com. Talk about positive and entertaining, WOW! In just moments, emails were exchanged and James was connected with each of these folks. Success at Entrepreneur Social Club, once again!

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

Perhaps our most entertaining part of the evening was when, not surprisingly, our new attendee and entertainer by trade, Sheldon, volunteered himself as a guinea pig for our beloved seasoned entrepreneur and birthday girl, Julia from Fruityz Organic Beauty. Happy Birthday Julia! She had no hesitations in jumping at the chance to promote her product right in the middle of the restaurant (as any good entrepreneur should!) and it gave everyone around a good laugh. As Sheldon sat with organic green goop on his face and allowed it to dry, we carried on with our meeting.

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

At the end of the night, our group was sufficiently satisfied with entertainment, laughs, connections, motivating and informative discussions, and great networking and growth opportunities. Given the fact that this was the group’s last meeting until after Thanksgiving, it’s probably safe to say that we ended it on the right note and with plenty to be thankful for!

NOVA NOEL 9 on Thursday December 8, 2016 at downtown St. Pete historic venue NOVA 535

Head over to NovaNoel.com for more information on what our next “meeting” looks like, on Thursday December 8, 2016! We’ll be switching it up holiday party style to give all of our beloved small businesses, entrepreneurs, and any other guests an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in style and with great company surrounding them. We look forward to seeing everyone there! Get your TICKETS NOW and SAVE some $$. 2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou  2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou

More of Julia giving world-famous entertainer Sheldon Blake one of her organic, Fruityz Facials.

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

Feedback from this week’s ESC moderator, Nick Mazieka:

New Folks came through Facebook and search this time as well as word of mouth, so remember to ask for referrals! We discussed creating a deal for year end. How to create products even if your products aren’t typically gift oriented. We also covered partnering to create products. Mentioned NOVA Noel, the Official Holiday Party for NOVA 535, Entrepreneur Social Club, Keep St. Petersburg Local and DowntownStPete.com. We also discussed wants and needs and Accomplishments and set backs. Was a bit less structured as our typical host and founder, Michael S. Novilla, was at NOVA 535 (his baby) hosting a private dinner party.
Thanks Nick! Before we wrap things up,… let me take a selfie!

2016-11-17-entrepreneur-social-club-at-souzou Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends

Hope you enjoyed our Fish, Facials and New Entrepreneurial Friends story! Join our ever growing global family of friendly, helpful and productive business owners and Entrepreneurs! We meet weekly, every Thursday night, most always at historic wedding and event venue NOVA 535, in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, aka DTSP.

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