ESC Advisory Board Entrepreneur Social Club for MIchael 48th

Rainmakers Join our Foolish Celebration

Rainmakers Join our Foolish Celebration during our weekly Entrepreneur Social Club gathering here at the historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535. We meet every Thursday night, since 2009, most always at NOVA, occasionally offsite when NOVA 535 Unique Event Space is booked for a wedding or special event. Tonight is March 31st, and since I run the meetings, (tomorrow April 1st being my 48th birthday), I wanted to make this a 100% social event. No sit down meeting meeting, just music and drinks and laughter and friends and food and some QT with my fellow Entrepreneurs. Plus we had just met Architect Larry Ladelfa, of The Rainmakers, another club, a pure business one, last week. He said he’d bring his group here to check out the ESC and NOVA, and so here’s our story of just that! Remember, my birthday is on April 1st, yes April Fools day….you’ve been warned!


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