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Wes studied Business Management and Marketing Communications at Sheridan College, and followed what came naturally to him online marketing, better known today as social media marketing long before there was such a term.

Wes is an avid sports fan and loves to travel. He is intimately involved in his local community as host of numerous charity events and fundraisers, as well as helping to raise awareness for local non-profit organizations benefiting underprivileged children through charities such as www.GulfCoastGiving.org and www.MikeAlstottFamilyFoundation.org

Leaders Online

A Certified Social Media Professional, and Founder/CEO of SMARTApproved Local Marketing Inc., Wes has been bringing clarity and simplicity to the ever changing world of Social Media Marketing for small to medium business all across North America. In 2011 Wes developed The S.M.A.R.T. Process to help business owners and “c” level executives understand the “why” of Social Media & Internet Marketing in Today’s business online. Our Strategies help our clients build a 5-Star Reputation online to more customers/clients/patients! Over the past 4 years, Wes & his team developed and launched (in 2015) www.SMARTReputation.net - A ready to use out of the box DIY Reputation Management Solution for every business owner! Helping small-to-medium-size Fortune 1000 companies, brands and nonprofits devise social media strategies to connect with customers and followers via both online and offline relationships.

In all, Wes and his team have a proven track record to deliver real impact for brands marketing in the viral world, combining social media with philanthropy to create highly effective digital engagement programs. Particularly in the development of brand-based marketing merchandising methods—his vision stands tall from the simple yet often elusive premise of “under-promising and over-delivering”… that is, setting and exceeding client expectations one customer at a time to develop an enduring profitable business model.


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