Tom Le Mesurier

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My Story

Hello, I’m Tom Le Mesurier. I’m at the back-end of my 30s and despite the French-sounding surname, I’m British.

Back in 2009, I left my life in London and set off for an adventure in Latin America. There were thrills, spills and a rather magnificent ending in which I found myself getting married and settling permanently in Rio de Janeiro (all the best stories end that way don’t they?).

As the travelling adventure drew to a close, a new and even more challenging adventure began – building a new life in Brazil. Today I live in Santa Teresa, working as a food and travel writer and a culinary guide. I spend the rest of my time blogging about Rio and doing my best to enjoy the Carioca life to the full!

Eat Rio

Eat Rio is all about helping you get the best out of your time in Rio de Janeiro. Sadly there are plenty of mediocre and overpriced bars, restaurants and hotels which fool unsuspecting visitors. But with some local knowledge you can find the hidden gems so you’ll enjoy delicious meals, amazing nights out and stay in memorable surroundings.


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