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Owner-operator at Park & Rec, Owner-operator at Proper Kitchen & Cocktails and CEO/Founder at Hunger + Thirst Restaurant Group

DTSP Restaurants "Proper" and "The Avenue" "KINGS Street Food"

[] PROPER DTSP 344 1st Ave. South St. Petersburg, FL 33701 727-494-0700
Southern BBQ Restaurant

[] KINGS Street Food 937 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida 727-914-2111
New American Restaurant

[] THE AVENUE 330 1st Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida 727- 822-3663
theAVENUE specializes in original burger creations, we have an amazing burger menu and cover everything from bison, turkey + tuna! Come enjoy one of our original burgers, sandwiches, hand breaded chicken, fresh salads and don't forget to stay for a few cold cocktails.


Business Phone: 727-494-0700

Business Email: [email protected]

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