Stacy Waite

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My Story

Stacy Waite solves global problems and helps others achieve success. Her love of people and communication has led her to live/work in Australia, North Africa, the EEC, and the Middle East. Stacy is a serial entrepreneur. She was the youngest person (and first woman) to launch a hedge fund on Wall Street; she launched a college ski travel service and an early online travel company; and has helped people across the globe improve their skills in communication, presentation, sales, multi-cultural and multi-generational business practices, global protocol and etiquette, and travel risk management.

Positive Return

Positive Return is a global training company specializing in presentation, multi-cultural communication, and business travel success skills. Our boot camp style delivers an immediate return on investment - a true positive return. We use targeted modules so they can be customized to your needs and adjusted to your time parameters (2 hours, half or full day, multi-day). Most of our course leaders are military veterans and family members.


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