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Rod MacKenzie

My Story

Rod Mac Kenzie is a leading expert on business, financial literacy & passive income streams and inspiration. Currently he is developing his own brand under the Freedom Performance Group name. This is a multi-faceted brand is focused on transforming every person he interacts with to pull out their mission, purpose and vision. Rod employs three simple principles: INSPIRE people to develop an entrepreneurial spirit -TRANSFORMING how people view themselves, their opportunities, and their purpose in life to fuel a REVOLUTION in America to remove dependence!

Mr. Mac Kenzie began his career on the management team of the Bally Corporation where he developed strategic marketing tactics to become one of the company’s top producing managers.

During his early career he leveraged and expanded several brand's reach and revenues. He developed key manufacturing relationships, manage warehouse-distribution services while driving leads, sales and revenue growth by instituting data driven content marketing programs to establish and create deeper customer engagement across all points of contact.

Just before launching Freedom Performance Group, Mr. Mac Kenzie focused his efforts on The Odyssey Marketing Group, where he increased business stability and growth by implementing strategic management & key business functions, including operations, IT and HR supervision, business development, relationship building, and asset management.

He now works with the simple mind-set:
Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

We operate as a “social enterprise” company, similar to the brands Tom’s Shoes, Beauty Counter, and Life is Good. We share our profits and promotional resources with our charity partners. We sell nice pre-owned or overstocked wedding dresses that are typically priced from $99 – $999 or up to 85% savings. Dresses that are donated are pre-owned, floor samples, or overstocked dresses.


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