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I am a type-A personality balanced out with a creative flair and lust for life, music, travel and being lost in thought.

My passion is to create beautiful things with talented people, in good time. The relationships and final products built when collaborating with an experienced and open-minded team are what I live for, that and my incredible son Elijah.

For the last 10+ years I've been building a career in creative and marketing services spanning graphic design & art direction, project management, marketing strategy and even event planning.

I kicked off by building a small agency during my sophomore year of college in St. Petersburg, FL, which jump-started my experience and understanding in the business of being a creative. From there I set off to Denver, CO where I landed a position as a graphic designer on the corporate marketing team of a global software company. Within a year I was promoted to Program Manager where I found a passion for agile project management and team building. This combination of creative skills and project management experience allowed me opportunities in running the marketing department of a Denver-based technology company and being brought on board to restructure the business model, operations process, client management and team of a branding and marketing agency specializing in natural and organic food and beverage industries.

I recently transitioned to freelancing from the corporate/agency life while in pursuit of an MEd in Waldorf Education - a vast departure, I know, but a venture worth pursuing. The dream is a balanced life of teaching with major focus on creative and the arts, while spending the summers traveling and freelancing.

Currently I've landed back in St. Petersburg, FL for a brief stint while making my way up to New England where I'll be freelancing and attending grad school.

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