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My Story

I am committed to seeing people shine, while leaving a positive impact in this world, helping people improve their mindset, accountability, and self-development.


Niajae is a powerhouse coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She ran a brick and mortar business for 5 years and sold it to transition to being fully remote. Upon carefully crafting her dream life and coaching others to do the same, she worked for Clickfunnels for a year to be trained directly from the best.

Clickfunnels has been a useful tool in allowing her clients to automate their business and create digital products that allowed them to live their dream life as well.

Niajae realized there was a gap in the industry. There were many programs saying build a funnel, create an online course, write a book, launch a podcast however no program was addressing the blocks and limiting beliefs standing in peoples way from achieving the success they desire. Niajae developed a framework to help innovators navigate through the process of fully stepping into their power and leaving their legacy. She is committed to seeing people shine and leave an impact in this world by helping them with their mindset, accountability, and self-development. You can also hear Niajae speak about mindset and self-development on The Abundance Hack Podcast. She believes life is meant to be Abundant and the only thing standing in the way of that reality is our mind


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