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My Story

Born on April Fools Day in St. Pete, Florida, I’ve always loved learning, exploring, and making things better. Since completing my MBA in 1993, I’ve bought, renovated, and leased over a hundred historic buildings. Along the way, I realized my hometown deserved a unique event space, so I built a world-class venue called NOVA 535, which I’ve run since 2008. In 2009, needing the company of like-minded folks, I created the Entrepreneur Social Club, a network of business owners from around the world who meet every Thursday to collaborate, mentor, and share knowledge. Now, traveling around the world (99 countries and counting), I’m using the expertise I’ve gained from throwing over two thousand 5-Star weddings, parties, and events to consult with business owners worldwide, showing them how to achieve world-class service and operations in their business. My first book “It’s 5 am Go Home!” is a hilarious, step by step guide to throwing your own amazing 5-star parties and events.

NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

At historic venue NOVA 535, we custom create each event, the way YOU want, with no limits and no stress! Use any professional caterer, drink from our full liquor bar and party YOUR unique way. Come enjoy our modernized Downtown St. Pete event space, where we do all the work so you can have all the fun!


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